Hixon Brothers

Sons of Timothy Hixon. One is General Jackson Hixon. We aren't sure which one is the General, and we are unsure of which brother the other is. They moved from Lawrence County, Indiana to Kansas after the Civil War.
Date & Place: in Kansas United States
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Robin Hixon
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Left to right: Benjamin Franklin Hixon, General Jack Hixon.
I have photos of Benj. Franklin Hixon's unmarried children who died as young adults in 1899, 1902 and 2 in 1908; all have the same background wallpaper. This photo does not match, so was not taken at the Ben Hixon home at the same time, prior to 1899. More likely, taken as the remaining 2 brothers following their brothers' death. Brother George Washington died 1922, Ben F. would be 73, and General J. would be 67. Brother James Madison died 1919, Ben F. would be 70, General J. would be 64; but George W. lived in the area and would have also been in the picture. James M. died in KC, so one might not make the trip, a possibility, not probable. I think a very close guess would be picture taken 1919 or 1922. Wives for both brothers were still alive at that time, but I have no photo of Ben F. and Harriet with that photo background. General J returned to Indiana many times. My Grandfather spoke of 2 trips to Indiana, that would be Ben’s son. Might have been taken in Indiana, which would account for different photo background and missing spouse. If I locate any definitive info, will update.
Mar 13, 2006 · Reply
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