Jasmine's Father - Sabu.

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Jasmine's Father - Sabu.
Famous Movie Star. Sabu Dastagir was the husband of Marilyn Cooper and the father of Jasmine Sabu.
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Jasmine Sabu
Jasmine A Sabu was born to Sabu Dastagir (1924 - 1963), a movie star from India simply known as "Sabu", and actress Marilyn Cooper (1934 - 2009). She had a brother, Paul Sabu, who became a composer. Jasmine never married. Following in her show business parents' footsteps, Jasmine was also part of the entertainment industry, but not as an actor. She trained animals for the movies and also wrote a screenplay about her famous father: See Sabu's Daughter Scripts The Second Coming of 'Thief Of Bagdad' Arthur J Pais July 1999's-daughter-script-the-second-coming-of-thief-of-bagdad-Arthur-J-Pais-july-1999. Jasmine's father, Sabu Dastagir died near the age of 39 of a heart attack, and his death made headlines around the world. See 'Elephant Boy' Sabu Dastagir Succumbs at 39. Jasmine also died at a relatively young age - 44, shortly after she completed her film script. Jasmine was buried beside her father in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California. Her headstone is inscribed: "To Our Precious Daughter And Sister - Until The Day Break, And The Shadows Flee Away."
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