John David & Susan Martha Johnson Duke Gravestone

Judy Dant shared a photo
on Jul 02, 2004 12:00 AM
John David & Susan Martha Johnson Duke. Children: Maggie Mae b. 4 Jan 1883; Belle Eulila b. 3 May 1884; Minnie Lee b. 7 Nov 1886; Johnnie b. 8 Jul 1887; Kate Blanche b. 26 Jun 1888; Edward Donald b. 3 Oct 1891; Lynn Cooper b. 16 Sept 1893; Jennie Ruth b. 23 Fe 1896; Walter Wallace b. 24 Jan 1898 & "Living" Duke. I am interested in finding out who John David's parents were. Please contact me if you have that info.
Date & Place: at Black Jack Cemetery in Sardis, Panola Co., Mississippi United States

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