Juan Rubio Curiel, California 1978

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My Dad Fidel's Father, Juan Rubio Curiel son of Bernabe Curiel and Margarita Rubio
El padre de mi padre Fidel, Juan Rubio Curiel, hijo de Bernabé Curiel y Margarita Rubio
in La Habra, Orange County, California United States


This sounds crazy, looking for my father. Nvr met him only know his name arturo ernesto rubio, lived in tx, dec 1930 birthday, has a brother tino, and sisters worked In El.paso at La Farah. Sewing company?

I'm in Cali , 39 yrs old. If I'm in any way close to anything I mentioned above email me, this is serious not a hoax. [contact link]
Oct 10, 2013 · Reply
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