Lester and Chester O'Dell, 1902

A photo of Lester and Chester O'Dell, taken in 1902 2 yrs old, South Dakota. Lester was my grandpa and Chester my uncle. My grandpa and uncle were twins.


People in This Photo

Chester O'Dell
Born: 1902
Lester O'Dell
1902 - May 22, 1989

Comment on Lester and Chester O'Dell, 1902

What a wonderful picture!! my grandmother was an O'Dell from Iowa; I wonder if there could be any connection?
Sep 16, 2015 · Reply
So cute! I have grown up fraternal twin sons. My mother was an identical twin (I should post a photo of them) and my mother's twin sister had twins. Just joined this site and this photo was one of the first ones I looked at.
Sep 16, 2015 · Reply
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