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A photo of Pauline Lucille Western (1843-1877) American stage actress was born 8 January 1843 in New Orleans, Louisiana to actors George (1821-1857) and Jane Western (1822-1898). Her parents separated sometime before 1850 and her mother then married theater manager, William B. English (1818-1864). Lucille first appeared on the stage aged six with her younger sister Helen Western (1844-1868) aged five in their step-father's theater, The National, Boston. Their quick change and cross dressing act billed them as "The Star Sisters".

Both sisters soon became popular young actresses touring successfully throughout the United States. Lucille became well known for emotional performances. Her acting style was said to be, "powerful but eccentric". In 1877 The New York Times described the intensity of her acting, stressing that "in spite of critical disapproval of her methods, realistic almost to brutality, the impression of these performances will not easily be effaced."

In 1859 Lucille Western married actor James Harrison Mead (1842-) who became known as Weston Mead after her death. Generous and charitable, Lucille had earned nearly half a million dollars during her career, yet by the time of her death had given or loaned much of her fortune to others. She died of pneumonia in Brooklyn, New York on 11 January 1877 aged 34. She was buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The remains of her little niece, a daughter of the late Helen Western, were also interred with her.
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