Lycurgus W. Ruple & Queenie Bass Family

Lycurgus Worth Ruple (1854 LA - 1819 AR) m. Queenie Isabella Bass (1861 SC - 1925 AR) in 1877 in Harve Twp, Faulkner, Arkansas. Database - [external link]


Mattie Ruple
Walter Lycurgus Ruple
Jennie Aseneath Ruple
Maggie Dale Ruple
William C. Ruple
Francis A. Ruple
Alvah Eugene Ruple
James Henry Ruple
Hattie M. Ruple
Mary Etta Ruple
George Albert Ruple
Otho D. Ruple
Nellie Ruple
Earl Robert Ruple
Pearl Ruple
Ralph Ruple
Date & Place: in USA
None / Unknown


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1902 Picture of Lycurgus, Queenie & Family without Maggie Dale -- Captioned as: Lycurgus "Curg" Ruple, his wife Queenie Isabella Bass Ruple, and 14 of their 15 children. Front, l to r: Nellie, Alva, Other, Albert, Etta, and Hattie. Back, l to r: Lycurgus, holding Earl, Queenie, holding Pearl, Mattie, Walter, Jennie, Will, Frank, and Henry. Daughter Maggie is not shown. Mattie was my great-great grandmother. There were three sets of twins: Hattie and Etta; Alva and Albert; and Earl and Pearl.
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