Marc William Johnson b. May 21, 1912 My Dad as a very young man, adolescent I'd say, maybe college age.

Updated Oct 25, 2021
Michelle Smith
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on Oct 23, 2021 2:34 AM
I found these great little photos of my Dad, Marc William Johnson, b. May 21, 1912 and lived in Modesto, California with his parents and siblings. He attended University of California in Berkeley and earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration. He was a strong believer in public education and worked to help people find employment in Northern California. He was a complex most of us, good, not so good, great, and not so great. I choose to remember the best of him~!

My Dad in his youth. He was a good looking man as I grew up and it's fun to see photos of him as he grew up. I treasure all my family photos but this gives me a special glimpse into his youth. Marc William Johnson. He told me a story that when he was young he saw a sign that said Trade Mark so he ran home to his Mother and asked if he was going to be traded away. From that time on he spelled his name with a C instead of a K. I think he was pulling my leg (^=
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