Marcus Lafayette Shaffer

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Taken: at J. H. Wallace, Photographer & Grocer, in Buffalo, West Virginia United States

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Marcus Lafayette Shaffer
Sep 1, 1863 - Mar 22, 1915

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William B Sheffer/Shaffer(1832-1895), John B Schaffer/Shaffer(1839-1904), Levi Benjamin Sheffer(1848-1914), and my paternal grt grandfather; Henry B Shaffer(1849-1931). Their parents were John R Sheffer(1805-1864) and Racheal (Bollinger) Sheffer(1813-186) all of York Co., PA; their parents are still unknown.
Oct 04, 2015 · Reply
Marcus L. Shaffer is my great grandfather. Can you tell me which Shaffer;s ended up in Knox & Monroe counties Ohio?
Oct 02, 2015 · Reply
Michael, been going over all my mail including websites, taking care of mom X 2yrs, reread your question; thought you were taking about my "Shaffer". Haven't had much time even to do mine, however I do often see your line while doing mine. Can only give you in general terms, from York PA they went with the rest to the area northeast by west above Columbus, Ohio then gradually went back to SE Ohio to VA/WV and KY; just the opposite of post WWII families. I not sure if this helps; but start with what you know then fill in the blanks as you find more info. I always use FamilySearch to start. With ANC or other pay sites you can compare. FamilySearch still does have free docs. Gook luck, Bob
Apr 29, 2017 · Reply
This Shaffer line is a different one, I believe, however some of them did end up in Knox and Morrow Counties, Ohio, as mine.
Oct 01, 2015 · Reply
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