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West Virginia

Browse the history of West Virginia through vintage photographs.

A photo of Owen Surrette and Lelia Jane Surrett, parents of Darl B Sarrett, on their wedding day. Photograph taken somewhere near Whitesville WV
People in this photo:
A photo of Owen and Lelia Jane Surrett. This Picture was taken at the homeplace built by Owen in Whitesville WV. They both lived there until they died.
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A photo of James Shinn - High School Graduation
People in this photo:
James Jackie Shinn
Born: Oct 3, 1934
A photo of Dollie Shinn and baby Jackie - visiting and decided to take Pictures
People in this photo:
Dollie (Nichols) Shinn
Died: Apr 3, 1969
A photo of Pearl Lattanzi December 1957 - Christmas 1956 at my granny’s and granddad’s house at Garten, WV. Kathy Lattanzi White Perkins on granddad’s lap and Dale Lynn Lattanzi at Granny’s feet.
People in this photo:
Pearl Ester Lattanzi
Died: Mar 12, 1960
Garten, WV, United States
A photo of Ida Belle Tabler - Mother of Joseph Ira Hicks 1900-1963 Wife of James Joseph Hicks 1873-1932
People in this photo:
A photo of Joseph Ira Hicks, not sure School photo. age 18
People in this photo:
Joseph Ira Hicks
Jan 26, 1900 - 1963
A photo of possibly a GAR Reunion in Wheeling, West Virginia.
People in this photo:
George Miphandallas Rush
Nov 1, 1844 - Mar 22, 1924
A photo of Marcus Lafayette Shaffer
People in this photo:
Marcus Lafayette Shaffer
Sep 1, 1863 - Mar 22, 1915
A photo of Queen Ridge Cemetery, West Virginia. Nelsons and other cousins are buried at this cemetery. And of course the Queen family whose land I believe donated it originally.
A photo of the grave of my Great Uncle Marion Thompson, son of Lewis Thompson and Dolly Faye Nelson, of Harts Creek, WV. Lived in Logan Co, WV
People in this photo:
Marion Thompson
Dec 5, 1901 - Mar 24, 1965
A photo of Roger Denny Bailey Sr, Harold Eugene Bailey, Arnold Delane Bailey, Raymond Odelle Bailey, Rosalee (Bailey) Watson Latosiewicz Clarence Bailey, Mary Lou Click, Lucille Honeycutt, Charles Bailey, Jr., Janice Bailey, BesseJuanita Bailey McDonald Dora Malinda Brewster Bailey, Widow and children of Charlie Newton Bailey, after his death, Not pictured is sibling Stella Marie Bailey who died as young baby.
People in this photo:
A photo of Charles Bailey, Jr., Charlie Newton Bailey and Raymond Odelle Bailey
People in this photo:
A photo of Dora Malinda (Brewster) Bailey with her baby Stella Marie Bailey Family Father: Patton Jackson Lockhart Brewster Mother: Molly Margaret "Maggie" (Baker) Brewster Siblings: Ida Brewster, Demon Brewster, Sarah J. L. Brewster, Hilda Mae Brewster, Bryd Brewster, and Pearl Brewster Partner: Charlie Newton Bailey Children with Charlie: Stella Marie Bailey, Rosalee (Bailey) Watson Latosiewicz, Lucille (Bailey) Honeycutt, Charles Bailey, Jr., Bessie Juanita (Bailey) McDonald, Roger Denny Bailey Sr, Raymond Odelle Bailey, Arnold Delane Bailey, Harold Eugene Bailey, Joseph Connie Bailey Sr., Clarence Russell Bailey, Janice Carol Bailey, and Mary Lou (Bailey) Click Birth June 12, 1906 Patton Jackson Lockhart Brewster ( father to Dora Malinda Brewster Bailey ) family tree can be found at https://plus.google.com/108565741320868356252/posts/2sJJXexhs8g
People in this photo:
Dora Malinda (Brewster) Bailey birth register, the clerk made a mistake and added "Ann" to Dora's name, Her name never ever was "Ann" Dora's father, Patton Jackson Lockhart Brewster information may be found here https://plus.google.com/108565741320868356252/posts/2sJJXexhs8g
People in this photo:
Dora Malinda (Brewster) Bailey
Jun 12, 1906 - Jan 3, 1978
Numerous photos of Dora Malinda (Brewster) Bailey and family Dora Malinda (Brewster) Bailey, her sisters, Charlie Newton Bailey, et al Bailey family members
People in this photo:
A photo of Dora Malinda Brewster Bailey with her husband, Charlie Newton Bailey, a Coal Miner
People in this photo:
Charlie Newton Bailey
Nov 16, 1902 - May 24, 1959
A photo of Sandy, Henry "Hame" Ketterman, & Little Bear at home, sometime in the 1960's
People in this photo:
Henry "Hame" Ketterman
Jun 24, 1910 - Jan 8, 1970
WV, United States
A photo of Katalin Laciak Molnar and Denes Molnar. Taken ca 1943 in Colliers, WV
People in this photo:
Denes Molnar
1878 - 1951
A photo of my great grandfather Guy Fleshman- he is in this group. I'm assuming it was taken at Rainelle,W.V. - Workers at lumberyard
People in this photo:
Dorsey & Sophia with their children & spouses on their 50th Wedding Anniversary - Forest (Pigott) France, Esther (Blue) wife of Jearl, Jearl Pigott, Freda (Pigott) Wolfe, Ray Pigott, Ruth (Martin) wife of Ray, Max Rose, & Dorothea (Pigott) Rose wife of Max, with Dorsey & Sophia (Freeland) Pigott.
People in this photo:
A photo of Dorsey Arschell Pigott & his wife Sophia Ann (Freeland) Pigott on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Fairmont, Marion County, WV
People in this photo:
A photo of Kevin Robert Johnstone (1953 - 2010) taken in Hunnington WV
People in this photo:
Kevin Robert Johnstone
Mar 9, 1953 - Jan 5, 2010
Tombstone, AZ
A photo of Robert and Cecila KeathleyPar, parents of my father Robert Keathley II. From Holden WV.
People in this photo:
A photo of Rosetta Graybeal (Rosetta Walk). When Rosetta Walk was born on June 25, 1922, in Kayford, West Virginia, her father, Joseph, was 28 and her mother, Virginia Jarrell Walk, was 19. She had one child, Edward Walk, from one relationship in 1945. She then married Lenn Benson Graybeal. Lenn was an automibile mechanic and owned Graybeals Garage in Blue Pennant, West Virginia, where they also lived and had six children together. They were Brenda Kay, Patricia Rose, Lena Gay, James Laverne, Linda Lou and John Benson. She died on August 24, 1990, in Whitesville, West Virginia, at the age of 68, and was buried in Orgas, West Virginia. Lenn Graybeal died 8 months later on April 26, 1991 and was buried with his wife Rose.
People in this photo:
Rosetta (Walk) Graybeal
Jun 25, 1922 - Aug 24, 1990
Whitesville, WV
A photo of Sallie H. McLaughlin,married Lowry. Taken in WV
People in this photo:
A photo of Maude E.S. McLaughlin, married a White. Taken in WV
People in this photo:
A photo of Burlin L Weaver and wife Lueray Weaver
People in this photo:
Burlin L Weaver
Jan 12, 1938 - Nov 19, 2005
Edgerton, OH
This is the record to her second marriage to Mathew R. Neff
People in this photo:
Home of Alexander and Judith Anna Greathouse Gillenwater . Taken summer of 1942. Tariff, West Virginia
1920 Audrey top row 3rd from right Ronald middle row 2nd from right Fritz 1st on right front row at three mile one room Three Mile. Calhoun Co. W.Va. school house
People in this photo:
This was taken in West VA. The baby is my great Grandmother Anna M Jordan
People in this photo:
This is my father-in-law, Van Pruitt. He served 2 terms in WWII and received 2 purple hearts. He lived with us the last few years of his life and was a good man. He has gone on to be with the Lord.
People in this photo:
My husband's uncle, Paul Raymond Baber in his uniform. He is from Fayette Co WV.
People in this photo:
This is my husband's grandparents, William and Fannie Baber, with children, Melvin, Grover, Loretta, Thelma, Kendall, Ethel, and Paul. She is pregnant with my mother-in-law, Nina at this time. The little girl on her lap, Loretta died of pneumonia shortly afterward. They lived in Fayette Co WV.
People in this photo:
This is my husband's uncle W Melvin Baber as a baby. He was raised in WV.
People in this photo:
Does any one know who these people are in the photo? They must be connected to my Morgan Family tree. I found it in some of my information from my ggreat aunt.
Ashleys of WV (Barb Gunsch's GGG grandparents); Picture taken Wirt Co., WV. Not sure of the date. Martha Paxton Ashley and John Ashley. John was in the Civil war. They are my Great, Great,Great grandparents.
People in this photo:
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