Martha and Patrick Hendricks

My Great Grand Parents Martha Agnes Nov 24 1852 died Aug 30 1924 Patrick Joseph Jan 19 1853 died Dec 5 1925. There daughter Margaret Jane Hendricks Burge was my Grandmother. I loved her very much. She had a sister Willameana.
Date & Place: at Martha and Patrick Hendricks in Broad Tree, West Virginia United States
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Joi Dickerson
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Were your Hendricks slave owners? Do you have documents from them? If so you could help thousands of African Americans who are tracing their family roots. Please contact [contact link]
Aug 18, 2003 · Reply
My great grandmother was Martha Hendricks Broughman. Her parents were Martha A. Hendricks and David Hendricks. Martha had a sister Lucinda who also married a Broughman. These people lived in Virginia. Do you have any idea if they are related to Patrick Hendricks? My grandmother had asked me to find out how Patrick Hendricks was related to her mother's family before she passed and so far there are only 2 Patrick's that I have found. Yours and a trapper by that name.
Thank you for any help you can give me [contact link]
Jul 11, 2012 · Reply
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