Mary Edwards Walker 1860

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Mary Edwards Walker 1860
Mary Edwards Walker around 1860 in Washington DC.

Mary Edwards Walker was a Civil War surgeon who like the freedom of dressing in "men's clothes". (Today, I'm sure she'd wear jeans or pants suits.) She was a nurse who learned to be a surgeon during the Civil War - because she was needed. There is another photo of her on AncientFaces as an older woman - in men's clothes and a top hat. In this photo, her dress is a little shorter than usual (for the time) and she's wearing pants underneath the dress.

Carte de visite courtesy of the Library of Congress, John Holyland photographer
Date & Place: in Washington DC, District Of Columbia USA
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do you know if her husbands first name or middle name was marshall
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Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker was born on November 26, 1832, and died at age 86 years old on February 21, 1919. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Mary Edwards Walker.
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