Messinger Family Gathering

Nina Tilton shared a photo
on Nov 07, 2018 7:20 AM
This was another unknown photo from my 2x great grandparents' photo album, but I have managed to identify some of the people. This is a family gathering, possibly at Christmastime. Standing at left (with hand on hip) is Sarah Mariah (Smith) Messinger (1846-1917). Sitting on the ground holding a baby is her daughter Sarah Ann (Messinger) Rogers (1872-1904). The baby she is holding is Eva Ruth Rogers (born 1 Dec 1901; died 1990), and the girl on the ground in front of Sarah is likely her older daughter Anna Rogers (1897-1983). The girl sitting at right of the photo (in white) is Nora Messinger (1887-1925). The woman sitting (wearing a hat) is possibly Addie Alzina (Messinger) Wesson and the two other children are hers: Edith V. Wesson (1897-1947) and Howard Robert Wesson (1898-1977). I am not sure who the rest of the standing people are, but I believe the woman in the middle might be Edna Messinger (1883-1953) and the other daughter (Eva S. Messinger, (1881-1959) is also probably in this photo.
Date & Place: in Maricopa County, Arizona United States
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