Nayeb Aminullah Khan, Afghanistan

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Introduction with Nayeb Aminullah Khan Foundation: Description:
Nayeb Aminullah Khan was born in 1785 in an enlightened family of Tousofzai Tribe in Baraki Rajan district in Logar province in Afghanistan.

He learnt Pashto, Dari and Arabic languages in Logar province, but he obtained higher education in Kabul. He lived in the Baghe- Nawab near Ashuqan and Arifan of Kabul city. His father Mirzaee Khan was very famous man during the Timorsha Abdali Kingdom, he was governor of Kashmir. Nayeb Aminullah Khan was very Kind and brave man. He was very well aware of the Political situation of his country. When his father Mirzaee Khan died, King Timor shah Abdali had issued of decree title of Aminullo- doula (secretary of State) of the Afghan Empire .village

During the Kingdom of Zaman Shah, Nayeb Aminullah Khan appointed as the governor of Kabul and Logar provinces, and King of Afghan Empire also granted him Logar and Kabul`s state revenue for his livelihood and during his government in Kabul and Logar Nayeb Aminullah Khan did a lot of social services in these provinces. Such as construction of the Mosques, palace, bridges, roads, digging of subterraneous and irrigation canals, hospital and high schools which are hold his mane, he also brought a lot of day and barren lands under cultivation building irrigation canals. He spent all of state revenue for construction and development projects that people wanted and for recover all of these projects in 1830 he decided to establish a local foundation, which have had recovered all these projects, spicily the Mosques, palace,The Naib Amenullah Khan Logari hospital reconstructed in 1956 had 15 beds at that time which was damaged during the Soviet invasion, and a high schools in Logar province.

Nayeb Aminullah Khan always did his best to make compromise between Abdali and Saduzaee Kingdom`s families,but it was impossible, because the had fought each others.

After the establishment of the Nayeb Aminullah Khan Foundation in 1839 this foundation had useful rules for protection of Afghan civilians during the first long war between Afghan Empire and Great Britten from the occupier of Great Britten in Afghanistan. This Foundation had statute and Principe and participants were from very high level such as from Royal family and from the Nayeb Aminullah khan and others Tribe family members who were involved to the Afghan Empire. They paid money to make the health care and others projects.

We would like to inform you about the Nayeb Aminullah Khan Hospital in Logar province:
Date & Place: at Nayeb Aminullah Khan Village in Baraki Rajan district , Logar- Province Afghanistan

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