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A photo of Nellie Stewart (1858-1931) Australian stage actress and singer was born as "Eleanor Stewart Towzey" on 20 November 1858 in Wooloomooloo, Sydney, New South Wales. Her parents were actor and singer Richard (Towsey) Stewart (1826-1902) and opera singer Theodosia Yates (1815-1904). She began her long and productive stage career at about 5 years of age and excelled in comic opera. She went on to tour in Britain, America and India but always returned to her beloved Australia.

Nellie Stewart married wool expert, Richard Goldsbrough Row (1860-1914) in 1884 but separated a few weeks afterwards and eventually divorced in 1900. Her long term business and romantic relationship was with theatrical manager George Musgrove (1854-1916). They had one daughter, actress Nancye Doris (Musgrove) Stewart (1893-1973). Nellie Stewart died 21 June 1931 in Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales aged 72.

additional information:

Nellie Stewart was a descendant through her maternal line to well known British comedian, Richard Yates (1706-1796). She had two step sisters by her mother's first marriage who were also actresses, Theodosia and Margaret Stewart. Her 1906 tour to America was abandoned due to the San Francisco Earthquake. She acted in one film, "Sweet Nell of Old Drury" 1911.
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