Pop-pop and Amanda moment please
Pop-pop and Amanda
Pop-pop’s big girl. Carebear (sunshine bear) in Amanda’s arm and Amanda in August’s. Panda slippers no less. !!! On the orange arm chair my parents used to have. Must have been late October or early November based on the decorations. God bless your soul pop-pop. Missing you.
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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August Terpin
August John "Gus" Terpin was born to Josef "Joseph" Terpin (1893 - 1981) and Angeline Murgel (1904 - 1995). His father was born in Yugoslavia and his mother was born in Austria. He had five brothers, including Joseph L. Jr., Joseph John Jr., Charles Theodore, and Mark Terpin. A veteran of World War II, August served in the United States Navy in the South Pacific from January of 1943 to January of 1946. August "Gus" Terpin married Rosemary K. Kenowski (1925 - 2007) on June 1, 1948 in Washington County, Pennsylvania and they had four sons and three daughters. See August Terpin: Obituary.
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Amanda Miller
About me: I haven't shared any details about myself.
Lizzie Kunde
My name is Lizzie Kunde and I am the newest member of the AncientFaces Support team! See more info about me here: Lizzie - Community Support and I look forward to getting to know our wonderful members. Feel free to reach out with any questions, happy to help :)
My mom's side of the family is Swedish (and still lives in Sweden) and she instilled in me lots of Swedish heritage and traditions which has made me who I am today. My dad's side of the family is German and Irish and the most likely the side of the family I get all my freckles from. Family is so important, and welcome everyone to discover more about them, their history, and share about their loved ones who make up the history of who we are!
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