Rhoda Dillingham-Park (1787-1857) moment please
Rhoda Dillingham-Park (1787-1857)
Rhoda Dillingham Park-Wilson is a great family favorite--related to me on both my maternal Cobb and fraternal Park side, through no less than 13 marriages between her, her siblings, children and even Grandchildren! She was a close friend to my 5th Great Grandfather, Ebenezer Park (1747-1839)beginning in VA/WV in the mid-1700s. The Dillingham Family traces their roots to the 1600s in Maryland. This picture was graciously given to me by Ruth Wilson-McElveen of New Albany, Indiana who obtained it from the late, Eva Dean Boian-Edwards (desc. of Rhoda's daughter, Mariah Park-Boian). Ruth is a descendant of Rhoda by way Rhoda's 2d marriage to Ebenezer Wilson. Rhoda had 4 children by her first marriage to Solomon Park, nephew to my 5th Great Grandfather, Ebenezer Park and 5 children with her 2d husband, Ebenezer Wilson (upon Solomon Park's passing). I adore 4th Great Aunt. Her sister, Winnaford Dillingham, married my 5th Great Grandfather's son, Eli Park (picture of them also on this page). Eli and Winnaford Dillingham's daughter, Mary Minerva Park, married my 3rd Great Grandfather (maternal), Richard Cobb, Sr, making Mary's mother, Winnaford Dillingham, my maternal 4th Great Grandmother! Because of this Park-Cobb marriage, my maternal and fraternal 4th Great Grandfathers, Eli Park and John Park, are BROTHERS!!
Date & Place: at Rhoda Dillingham-Park in Station Camp, Estill County, Kentucky United States
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Rhoda  Dillingham-Park
Rhoda Dillingham-Park was born in 1788. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Rhoda Dillingham-Park.
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Expertise is Park Family of Estill and Madison Counties, KY. Specifically, descendants and allied families of my 4-state Pioneer 5GGPs, Ebenezer Park (1747-1839) and Tabitha Mills (1752-1826). Surnames include: Park, Parks, Parke, Cobb, Durham, Russell, Simpson, Wagers, Scrivner, Duncan, Oldham, Phelps, Taylor, Bentley, Mitchell, McCord, Shipley, and Duvall.
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