The Vanport Boys

Updated Nov 14, 2020
June Bridenbeck
June Bridenbeck shared a photo
on Aug 05, 2019 6:21 AM
This photo has three future or then current husbands of my Mom, Gloria Mae Paulson, her sister Joyce, and her other sister, June. From left to right, Walter Schmuckal, who married Joyce; Corbin "Dennis" C. Knight, who married my mother, Gloria (her first marriage, and my sister Linda's biological father); Dean Lettenmaier, Sr., who married Mom's other sister, June. The fourth man in this photo is unknown.
This photo was taken n Vanport, Portland, Oregon, before the famous Vanport Flood of May 30, 1948.. The house in this photo has the address of 6821.
There is a second photo of just two of the guys "horsing around." This will be downloaded, but with little description.
Date & Place: at Vanport in PORTLAND, Multnomah County, Oregon United States 97231
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