Unknown Ancestor Fitch?

Unknown Ancesto. This old gentleman's photo was found in my Grandmother's box of pictures. The pictures were all relatives so I'm assuming he was one also. My grandmother's name was Mettie Fitch Bradford. She married Jacob William Markley. Does anyone recognize him? He probably would have been from Indiana or Ohio.
Date & Place: in United States
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Paul Dport
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Paul Dport
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My ancestories were Mary Margaret Markley b Aug 22 1828. Landed in New York as a young girl.
At one report had a Mary Margaret and a Ludwick Markley in Tuscarawas Co. OH. (We think that these were My relation) M M Markley married John W Horine and they ended up in Carroll County Missouri. Buried in the Old German Cemetary in Norborne Missouri.
Could this be relation or any connection to Yours? There is other pictures of Markley on A F also.
Jul 25, 2004 · Reply
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