William Barnham, England c1700

Updated Sep 06, 2013

William Barnham, Mayor of Norwich: William was a hosier, served as Alderman for the South Conisford Ward, Norwich in 1688, and was at one time Mayor of Norwich.

Taken: in Norwich, Norfolk County, England

People in This Photo

William Barnham
Age: 49
Born: 1651

Comment on William Barnham, England c1700

Information is incorrect. The William Barnham in the painting was lord mayor in 1652. The William Barnham who was Alderman for Conisford Ward was the son of his nephew. The latter had only just been born in 1652. The latter is also the one who had four wives, not the Lord Mayor. And neither were the sons of Sir Martin Barnham and Elizabeth Lennard. There is much incorrect information on the internet about these three William Barnhams.
Dec 01, 2013 · Reply
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