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I(Linda Adkins Lear) was told my my grandmother, Ella Fairchild Adkins to give it up and not try. That set me off on a very unsucessful quest. We have 2 family mysteries.1 How did Lenville Adkins really die?(1916-1947)Lenville and my father, Larry, along with twin brothers John and Jim moved from Morgan Co., Ky to the Fairfield(now Middletown-)area of Ohio. It seens that 2 towns were merged in the 1950s and the name changed! Lenville and Ella were expecting their 4th child, when in May of 1947, he was found in the local river. 2. stories emerged 1.He drowned and was robbed in concert with a card game???2. the one my Dad was told... he drowned trying to save someone's pet??? My Dad had overheard that his clothes were found folded under a tree...a 3rd possibility? I can find no obituary in my grandmother's things, no obit in the Morgan Co. paper(it seems that a large # of people from Morgan County migrated to this area during WW2 and the local paper carried regular obits from Ohio) Ella, late in life told a daughter in law of a red headed woman that she saw while shopping.."That woman's husband killed Lenville" Lenville had a 1/2 sister Lorene P McClain (1920-1991)I never met her. Iwas not old enough to adk his mother Rissie McClain Adkins about it.He is buried in Caskey Cemetery in morgan co., Ky. The 2nd mystery is who is Lenville's family. Who were his grandparents? Millard Adkins (1888-1916)died in lenox, Morgan Co., after a railroad tunnel had a rock slide. Noone knows who his family was. Again rissie died before I was old enough to ask. Linda contact me @[contact link]
Oct 18, 2009 · Reply