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Hello, my name is Leah Ambrose. I'm a young 12 year old in the Ambrose family from Tulsa, OK in the U.S.A. We are not a very big family (in this story I am only saying of my immediate family). This family consists of 6 people, but my other sister's surname is Sefcik.
So, my family lives in a small bungalow house. We love eachother very much so.
There is my father, a vacuum salesman. His name is Steve. He is a very great man. He is about 44 years of age.
My mother, Linda, is a referral processor at Kaiser Permanente. She is 48. A very sweet woman. Everyone loves her.
My older half-sister Brandy is 22 years old. She is still in school, but we don't talk much. Last I heard she was training to become a lawyer.
My brothers name is Joe, a very different 16 year old. He is nice at times but can become very mean.
I also have another half-sister with the surname of Sefcik, who isn't at all related to the Ambrose family. She is a very caring 19 year old.
So this is our little Tulsa family, thanks for reading.
Dec 03, 2008 · Reply