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When i started my family tree i did not know that my grandmother Annetta morris/married to Thomas Bateson. Had any relationship with a forign country. But when i found her in the Ashton Under Lyne census, her mother Mary Jane was shown as born in "larance USA" which i presume was Lawrence. Mass. USA. I then looked at the census for 1881 and there it was. My Great Great Grandmother MARY JANE ANDREW, ALSO HER FATHER THOMPSON ANDREW HER MOTHER DOROTH AND HER BROTHER FRANCIS, TOGETHER WITH TWO SISTERS ELIZABETH AND SARAH. ALL CHILDREN BORN IN "LARANCE USA AS BRITISH CITIZENS. What did it mean,? her father Thompson Andrew was born in Godley Hyde cheshire England in 1835, so far i have not found him on any census except the 1881. So he may have been taken as a child to the USA just as the civil war was ending, or he may have gone as a young man on an adventure. Since this first sighting of my granmother American/british citizen i have scouered the internet and found no futher trace of any on them. Only my grandmother remained. I can remember as a child in the '50s says how i would love to live like the people in the films did in America, Britain was still very dismal with food rationing. My mother said we nearly ended up in the USA for my grannys uncle and aunts had gone to live their. does any of this mean anything to anyone else, if so please contact me at [contact link]
Jun 11, 2009 · Reply