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Baughman Family Photos

Discover all of the known photos of the Baughman family to add faces to the names of those ancestors in your Baughman family tree.

A photo of Eunice Baughman
People in this photo:
Eunice Baughman
Mar 13, 1902 - Nov 1, 1979
Worley Baughman ~ Teacher at Hamilton Township High School, Columbus, Ohio USA. 1958, A. B. Ohio University, Latin, Mathematics, Driver Education.
People in this photo:
John Ridenhour, August 12th, 1864, Reuben Ridenhour, January 17th, 1853, Daniel Ridenhour, April 21st, 1858, Catherine Ridenhour March 17th, 1842, George Baughman April 13th, 1834, and Mary Neiswander October 26th, 1867.
People in this photo:
John George Baughman
Born: Apr 7, 1864
Israel Baughman (1815-1886)
Back row, left to right, Donald Baughman and brother Eugene Front row seated, left to right, father, Offa Baughman and mother, Mary nee Shook Baughman holding son, LeRoy Blaine. Photo taken Christmas Day 1933 at Offa's parents home - Benjamin & Verena Baughman just outside of Wayland, Michigan.
Marguarette Schoor Dilsaver, daughter of Charles Schoor and Flora nee Trafzer Schoor and grandaughter to Hester Elora nee Baughman Trafzer. Photo was taken in Grand Rapids, MI about 1908. The picture won some kind of baby contest for the times. Marguarette Schoor Dilsaver had two children - a daughter Barbara Jean Wood and a son, Kenneth Brooks.
Ruth nee Baughman Harbeson, the daughter of Benjamin S. and Verena nee Hile Baughman.
Left to right, daughter Anna nee Baughman Kendal, grandfather, John Baughman, father, Joseph Baughman, mother Lillian nee Holmes Baughman, seated son, Hubert
Lucille nee Schoor Beaudette, Daughter of Fora nee Trafzer Schoor and Charles Schoor. Grandaughter of Hester Elora Baughman.
William Trafzer family. Left to Right: husband, William Trafzer holding daughter, Blanche, son, Orman Earl, wife Hester Elora nee Baughman Trafzer. Seated, daughter, Flora.
Earl Trafzer family. Earl holding daughter, Erdeane and wife Bertha.
Earl Trafzer in his Ohio Militia uniform circa 1910. Earl Trafzer, the son of Hester Elora nee Baughman Trafzer and William Trafzer.
Blanche Trafzer Molher was the second daughter of Elora Baughman Trafzer and William Reafzer.
I acquired this photo from my cuz Pam who got it from her grandmother's album. Ms. Baughman / Bowman married Ross Albright.
People in this photo:
Verena nee' Hile Baughman, 1-14-1861 Hardin County, OH to 4-30-1940 Wayland, MI. Wife of Benjamin S. Baughman, mother of Offa, David, Rebecca Anna, Delmore & Verena Ruth. Daughter of Nicholas & Anna nee Freudiger Hile.
Offa Baughman born June 21, 1888 Hardin County, Ohio, died November 1966 Wayland, Michigan. Son of Benjamin & Verena nee Hile Baughman. Husband of Mary nee Shook Baughman. Father of Eugune, Donald, Blaine & Peggy June.
John Wesley Baughman (6 Jan 1843 - 16 Oct 1922) s/o of Henry Baughman and Charity Sutton. Married Sarah Louise Milum 8 Nov 1870 in Boone County, AR. Father of Amos Walter, George Elbert, Stockley S., and Thomas Floyd.
The children of Delmore and Eula nee Syers Baughman. Left to right, son Rondald, daughter Doris Baughman Parker, and Alfreda Mae Baughman Schwab. Photo taken in the late 1940s.
Rebecca Anna nee Baughman Reser (Oct. 2, 1892 Hardin County, Ohio - August 30, 1988 Barry County, Michigan) her brother Delmore B. Baughman (July 14, 1895 Hardin County, Ohio - June 1979 Kalamazoo, Michigan. Children of Benjamin S. and Verena E. nee Hile Baughman. Photo taken at Mitchell Studios, LaRue, Ohio.
James Wilson Baughman (September 27, 1877 Hardin County, Ohio - December 1967 Marion, Ohio) Son of William Henry and Jemima nee Lame Baughman. Husband of Maud nee Ward Baughman ( January 12, 1879 Hardin County, Ohio - 1953 Marion, Ohio) Father of Mildred Baughman Hines, Annabelle Baughman Collins Linn, Vera Baughman Kinsey, David Baughman.
Maud nee Ward Baughman, wife of James Wilson Baughman, mother of Mildred Baughman Hines, Annabelle Baughman Collins Linn, Vera Baughman Kinsey, David Baughman. Photo taken from a tin type that was taken at the Hardin County, Ohio Fair.
Effie nee Norris Baughman, wife of Lewis Baughman son of Abraham J. Baughman, and daughter, Helen nee Baughman Davis.
Seated (left to right) Nancy nee Wise Baughman, husband, Abraham J. Baughman, son of David & Rebecca Jane nee Bowman Baughman, brother to William H., Benjamin, Sarah, Hester Elora, & Emma Jane Baughman, standing, son, Lewis.
Joseph Baughman (born July 1855 Union County, Ohio - died 1936 Union County, Ohio) Son of John & Anna nee Layman Baughman. Husband of Lillian nee Holmes Baughman. Father of Anna, Myrta, Frances & Hubert Baughman.
Josiah Baughman, born July 27, 1817 Fairfield County, Ohio died February 12, 1900 Union County, Ohio. Son of Jacob and Elizabeth nee Mussleman Baughman. Brother to John, Jacob & David Hosea Baughman.
John Baughman, born October 24, 1813, Fairfield, County, Ohio, died September 5, 1906, Dover Township, Union County, Ohio. Son of Jacob and Elizabeth nee Mussleman Baughman. Husband of Anna Layman. Father of Joseph Baughman. (There were other children but I do not know who they were.)
Jacob Baughman (born March 3, 1823 Fairfield County, Ohio, died April 21, 1907, Union County, Ohio). His wife, Mary nee Lame Baughman (born June 11, 1825 died March 17, 1900 Union County, Ohio. To this union were born the following children: Ethe Linda, Allen, Isaac, James, Mary Anner, Jacob and Sylvester.
Left to right: Flora nee Trafzer Schoor and Blanche nee Trafzer Molher were daughters of Hester Elora nee Baughman Trafzer.
Left to right, standing Emma Jane Baughman Shirk with son Emmery, seated Hester Elora Baughman Trafzer & son William. Emma Jane & Hester Elora were daughters of David Hosea and Rebecca Jane Bowman Baughman.
George W. Wright, born May 29, 1847 Fairfield County, Ohio - died February 26, 1924 LaRue, Ohio. Parents, Solomon & Anna nee Baughman Wright. I believe the woman in this picture is George's wife. But I have no information to confirm this.
Rebecca Jane nee Bownman Baughman, born August 15, 1823 Fairfield County, Ohio. Died February 17, 1906 Hardin County, Ohio at the home of her son, William H. Baughman. Rebecca Jane nee Bowman Baughman wife of David Hosea Baughman, mother of William H. Baughman,(9-18-1843 to 12-25 1926) Abraham J. Baughman 7-22-1856 to unknown, Sarah E. nee Baughman Crotinger (unknown) Hester Elora nee Baughman Trafzer ( 7-11-1859 to 12-29-1955) Benjamin Stewart Baughman (2-10-1862 to 6-27-1940) Washington (died in infancy) Emma Jane nee Baughman Shirk (2-5-1865 to unknown)
left to right: David & Offa Baughman, sons of Benjamin S. Baughman and Verena E. nee Hile Baughman. Photo taken at Mitchell Studios, LaRue, Ohio
Benjamin S. Baughman b - 1862 Union County, Ohio, died 1940 Wayland, Michigan. Son of David and Rebecca nee Bowman Baughman, husband of Verena E. nee Hile Baughman, father of Offa, David, Rebecca, Delmore & Ruth.
Mary Jemima nee Wesit Walters, daughter of George E. & Mary Leota nee Baughman Weist. The photo was taken at the Weist home on Hardin County RD. 144, Hardin County, Ohio. The homestead had previously belonged to the David Ward family.
William Henry Baughman and his wife, Jemima nee Lame Baughman taken at Kenton, Ohio about 1902. The child's picture in Jemima's broach is their grandchild, Lester Kendal.
Benjamin Baughman family taken in front of their farm located on Wildcat Creek, Dudley Township, Hardin County, Ohio about 1905. Left to right: back row: Benjamin S. Baughman seated, son, Delmore B. Baughman standing, son, David V. Baughman standing, daughter, Rebecca Anna nee Reser standing. Front row seated: Verena Ruth nee Baughman, Verena E. nee Hile Baughman. Son, Offa Eugene Baughman is missing from the picture. He got mad and didn't want his picture taken and hid in the apple orchard.
Left to right: Verena nee Hile Baughman, Benjamin S. Baughman, William H. Baughman & Jemima nee Lame Baughman. Taken at the home of William H. Baughman in the summer of 1920, Wildcat Creek, Dudley Township, Hardin County, Ohio.
Taken at Mt. Victory, Ohio inm 1910. Age 10 years old. Daughter of Benjamin S. & Verena nee' Hile Baughman
Benjamin S. & his wife, Verena Baughman, taken at Wayland, Michigan about 1920
David Hosea Baughman & his wife, Rebecca Jane nee Bowman Baughman. Taken in LaRue, OH about 1891
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