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Christian and Fanny Baughman came from Bedford County, Penna. and settled in Tuscarawas Ohio in 1803. Two sons, Jacob( m Sally Ritter) and Samuel((B 1808)m. Rebecca Wood)(b went to Lowell Indiana. Samuel had son Wilson Shannon(b 1842) who married Sarah Jane Caulkins and then moved to Missouri. Wilson Shannon and Sarah Jane had children James, William, Ida, Flossie, Earl(b 1886). Earl moved to St. Petersburg,Florida and married Zelda Marsh. Earl's son Harold(b 1905) married Jane Aleen Dry and had sons Thomas (b1933) and Dennis.

Please help me with information as to Christian and Fanny's parents and more specific the area in Penna. they came from.

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Jun 28, 2009 · Reply
looking for family members in ark. miss. tenn.grandfather was william baughman . some family members were buddy baughman, haskell baughman,thomas baughman, franices baughman,virginia baughman, from arkansas,missippi ,tenn.
grandmas maidin name was owens from same area
May 20, 2008 · Reply