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I am looking for information on my GGrandfather Joseph Beggs...Joseph shows up in Walkerville, Colfax Twp., Oceana Co., Michigan around 1895...he was one of the first to settle in this area...however, before this I don't find a trace...he wed my GGrandmother
Clara(h)Marie Green b. 21JAN1883 in Troy Twp., Newaygo Co., Michigan...GGrandpa was 42yrs old and GGrandma was 27yrs old when they wed(per the marriage license)on 31AUG1904. I believe this may have been a shotgun wedding as my Gramps was born a few short months later on 2NOV1904 d. 18MAY1994...after Gramps came Archibald "Archie" McClain b. 25DEC1906 d. 1NOV1993; Thelma Marie b. 1909 d. 1999; Madeline "Midge" Lee b. 1JAN1911 d. 1993 in Benzie Co., other child carries the Beggs surname but was not a Beggs'...this is Lena "Mabel" Beggs b. 12JUN1914. I believe GAunt Mabel's father may have been a fella named Benjamin Phelps, but more on that later...All the children were born in Colfax Twp.
I found Joseph in a "History of Colfax Township, Walkerville, MI" listed as one of the first settlers here and was referred to as "Joe Beggs" around 1895. I determined his birthdate from the ages listed on his marriage certificate and his death certificate.
On the 1910 US Census it states his father's name as William Beggs and that William was born in Stockholm, Scotland. However, through exhaustive research I found that there is not now, nor has there ever been a Stockholm, Scotland. It also stated that Joseph's Mother was born in "Eng Canada" (as was Joseph), but no name was given...
Gramps wed Lillian Victoria Green b. 25MAY1906 together they had the following children;
Betty Lou, Evelyn Aleta, Shirley Arlene, Ronald LaVerne, and Lorraine "Joyce" Beggs. Ronald is my Dad. He was born 19JUL1935 in Colfax Twp, MI d. 7NOV2007 in Roseville, Macomb, MI...he wed my Mom...Duella DelDeayne Rought b. 16MAY1937 (living)together they had me, Brenda Joyce b. 7NOV1959 in Hart, Oceana, MI and my older sister Dorothy Elaine b. 9MAR1958 also in Hart...They eventually divorced and he remarried a lady named Linda Hellebuyck b. 5MAY1948 (living)together Dad and Lin had the following children, Ronald Maurice Beggs born 11OCT1973 and Brian Keith Beggs b. 20NOV1979 both boys were born in Macomb County, Michigan and one still lives there.
Any information anyone might have is greatly needed, wanted,and will be greatly appreciated!!!
Angel Hugs...
Brenda Beggs-Salazar
Dec 09, 2008 · Reply