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I spoke with my grandfather in 1983 he died the following year. I think he told me that one of his brothers took off in the middle of the night, joined the navy and settled in Jamaica. 21 years later and I am working on my family tree and I find that Barnabas Birch 1864 who was the first son of Barnabas Birch and Lydia Parker, is missing from the 1881 census. Could I have miss-heard him was it an uncle who joined the navy. The dates are right as Barnabas would have been 16 or 17 in 1881. The story goes: his father said he was getting expensive to feed and the lad left that very night.
It could just be a family tale. But I do remember looking in a Jamaican phone directory once. If Barnabas went to Jamaica the area is likely to be Montego Bay.
Calling all Birches in Montego Bay. I have traced the BIRCH line back to 1740.
James Birch, Adelaide, Australia
Jul 07, 2004 · Reply