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Oct 27, 2014 · Reply
No no no [contact link]
Oct 27, 2014 · Reply
Hi I'm Brenda Lewis and my Bolins are from Shawnee Topeka, Kansas via Nashville, Tennessee and I believe Kentucky. My grandfather was U Ray Bolin married Helen Jefferson & his dad was Montgomery G Bolin who married Ella Chiles & his dad was Thomas Bolin who married Suszanna Forte.
Oct 27, 2014 · Reply
I am the great-great-grandson of Bridget Bolin who would most likely have been been born
about 1825-1830.She married a cordwainer named Robert Gates.On the 7th of November 1847 Ann
Norah Gates was born at Kings Place,Camden Town,London.Their address was given as no 4
Middlesex Place,Middlesex Street.If this helps anyone researching the Bolin family can they
please contact me,as i have more information about their Australian line
Nov 01, 2008 · Reply
This is the story of Lillie Bertha Bolin. She was born in Chaffee, Missouri in 1887 as the
youngest child of John and Mary Elizabeth Bolin. Her Dad fought in the Civil War for the
Union and lost a leg. His name is on the memorial at Vicksburg, Missippi.

Little Lillie had 5 siblings. There was Lizzie (Elizabeth for Mom) who later grew up and
married a Dorris and moved to St. Louis. Then there was Janie who married her cousin, William
Bolin and moved to Fredricksburg, Mo. Ellie married a Greer who was killed early on while
working as a brakeman on the railroad.

Poor John (Johnny) died at age 19 of Typhoid Fever contracted from drinking bad well water.

Lillie was a Christian from an early age. She attended the Methodist church in Chaffee and
was baptised in Caney Creek during a revival.

In 1906 Lillie married Willliam (Will) Vivian Bain who had come from Alabama. By 1910 they
had started a family and moved all the way to Dennison, Texas. In the years that followed
they had a large family. First came Arthur, then Albert and Helen and LaVern, John, William
who died at 2 years, James (Jim) Jack, and finally Betty.

Lillie remained strong in her faith although Diabetes robbed her of her eyesight and most
of her hearing. She had children she had never seen or heard.

None of her children and grandchildren know what happened to Lillie's siblings and their
descendents or the forebears of her mother, Mary Elizabeth Bolin. We do know her mother
was a midwife. Lillie died at her daughter, Helen's in Denver. Colorado in 1965 and was
brought home to Dallas, Texas where she is buried at Restland Cemetary.

Anyone who can add tot this story, please contact Buffy Bain at [contact link]
Apr 17, 2007 · Reply