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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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1860 - 1862
Oct 4, 1957 - Aug 25, 2005
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Feb 4, 1908 - Dec 13, 1984
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Dec 9, 1930 - May 4, 2000
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Jan 10, 1899 - Jan 24, 2002
103 years
Apr 18, 1898 - Nov 2, 1998
100 years
Apr 6, 1879 - March 1977
97 years
May 12, 1870 - April 1968
97 years
Oct 11, 1907 - Jun 4, 2005
97 years
Dec 26, 1899 - Mar 31, 1997
97 years
Nov 6, 1908 - Apr 8, 2003
94 years
around 1832 - Jan 27, 1926
94 years
Nov 17, 1913 - Jun 10, 2007
93 years
Jun 12, 1904 - Apr 23, 1998
93 years

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Probably legitimaly from Napoleon Bonaparte

Lotin de Hour is Chour and Hove, so probably is legitimaly from Napoleon Bonaparte asi t is branch Lorraine=Lotrinsky=Lothringen=Lotin and Maria Louise had at least two children. And first story about origin from Prince Rupert was confirmed through Hove after many years and second agree with this and other things:

Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma
House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Cadet branch of the House of Lorraine
Born: 12 December 1791 Died: 17 December 1847

[external link]

[external link]

Here is interesting my ancestor Chour married missionary. So maybe was good annointed.
But for royal bastards, see my blogs. Other info are invited.

Howe Habsburg Ruperts Holy Roman Emperors

[external link]

[external link]

Ruperta was legalized, because was von der Phalz.
[external link]

by Eva Bartosova
[external link]

I had the dream yesterday that I had Aiglons in some lattice and they were maybe three and lattice was broken and I tried to give it to order /I have at home lattice which is broken as I made it from great hamster one to have it for moving to abroad/ and one Aiglon/little Eagle, /such was called Napoleon II./ was ill and faint and they which were healthy escaped and I did not know where. I had such dreams about different animals, yellow corelas or yellow parrots and I had before also dream about many guinea pigs and their strongness and male were strong. And corellas also escaped, and other animals, some birds also escaped. And this meant that lattice was not prepared enough and so some animals escaped and when animal loves to escape, how much children of Napoleon. Because animal have in character to escape and how much clever men. And this dream was not about animals meaning, because yellow corellas does not exist probably. But the lattice was such as on royal courts. Not as I have at home, but similar system as I used it for pigs when were on grass. This dream as long as of Nabuchodonozor and on several similar stories of escape and imprisonment of animals.

And here are other links for machinations with Chour genealogy:

[external link]
Fouilles à Dahchour en 1894-1895
[external link]
[external link]
[external link]%C3%A9on
[external link]
François DE LA COURT Écuyer, Seigneur de Chour
[external link]
Jean-baptiste secrétaire de M.Mesnard de Chouzy x
[external link]
[external link]
[external link]

And here are links on Charles Leon, son of Bonaparte and Eleonore Denuelle de la Plaigne, Paigne, and lac de Chour is situated in Pagny
or what, but is not same. And Mesnard was dau of Charles, Count Leon and exist Mesnard de Chouzy and he had 4 kids, but sounds English, Charlotte his dau... But these looks are born later...

And also Octave Chour born in Bonaparte which disapeared from web after I published things says about Octave Lotin de Petit Hour which had to escape after Napo was in exile! So from this we probably come. As this agree with Hove and so with Rupert!
Not from Charles Leon, but from Lotin. And here are also links on some genealogy of DE LA COURT Écuyer, Seigneur de Chour

Descendants of Denuelle which does not agree with my Chour:

[external link]

But this agree with my Chour:

Here are pages which contains Chour which is Lotin de Hour

and Lotin de Petit Hour hid after capturing of Napoleon at Elba and
were two male children and some female children. Later using same name
as Octave Chour who was born in Bonaparte, Octave Lotin de Hour or
Octave Hour. They spent several years in orders of Baron von Loewenstein

[external link]

[external link]%20charger/Deux%..20villages%20de%20la%..20Famenne%20Namuroise.pdf

Other proof we come from Lotin de Hour is that nun in my profile, she looks absolutely same as I, especialy when was child, has same surname as descendants of Lotin de Hour which was heritable in female line then, she was Martin and descendants inherited in female line Martinot, so I suppose St. Teresa came from Lotin de Petit Hour:

[external link]

[external link]

For Lotin which has same first name and came from Hour.

[external link]
That Martin and Martinot is the same family.

That Martin and Martinot is the same family.Prince Rupert genealogy club also looks Martin, maybe for same reason. Not only photos proves it, but also this surname looked for.
[external link]

Petit+Bonaparte (Lotin de Petit Hour)

[external link]

[external link]

[external link]

[external link]
Jan 25, 2009 · Reply
Ruperta Jour
1 favorite
Napoleon Bonaparte

There are many encyclopedias and big books dedicated
to Napoleon Bonaparte and I try only to show some
aspects which are interesting to watch on his
personality and historical backround and to show chess
and receipt and his women and children, not all
details of battles to compose something beautiful and
useful for everyone about Napoleon Bonaparte.

Already three month belong Korsika to France and it is
15.8.1769 Ajaccio, Napoleon Bonaparte was born. He had
older brother Joseph. He was born as second son of
noble Carlos Maria Buonaparte and his wife Letizia b.
Ramolin. Then parents had other children and were not
so rich. Joseph and Napoleon went in December 1788 to
France. Napoleon was short time in autin and then get
as student with stipendium to army school in
Brienne-Le-Chateau and studied here five years. He was
very talented in mathematics and always was first in
this subject. Excellent in history, geography and
other subjects except Latin and German. 1784 attended
Army school in Paris on Mart’s field, specialized in
artillery, 1785 as second lieutenant and sent to
regiment in Valence near Lyon. His father died in
February 1785 and mother had little children, he went
to Korsika and stayed there till October 1787. From
October till December 1787 worked with judgements in
Paris and then returned to Korsika in January 1788,
then he returned to Auxon in Burgundia, Juni 1788.
14. 7.1789 began Great French revolution by conquering
of Bastila. He visited restaurant at At three pigeons.
He ate not rich foods, sometimes almost hungry, having
only cup of milk and piece of bread in Valence and
Auxonn. He lived as hermit also in Brienne and in
Paris, also as in Valence and Auxonn. In Brienne in
age of eleven he stately answered on agry teacher:
„Who are you in fact?“ „I am the man.“
Napoleon as Korsician used also transcription
Napolione di Buonaparte. Some literature says he as
„God’s elect one”, “man over others”. In movie was
resurrection near birth of his child who died and
He spoke French using Italian language and making
mistakes. He played chess and some says well and some
says not well and I seeing only one partia and
understanding chess and problems when someone does not
train or train believe it was caused with some stops
as chess is not difficult play when man trains and he
was educated to know chess openings as here is one
partia, despite that he over game, it is visible he
had not luck and maybe time to think over all
possibilities what is not proof he played bad as
depends how long time is used on partia, also masters
and grandmasters does simple mistakes when playes in
pressure of time. He played chess often also in Café
de la Régence in Paris.

Napoleon Bonaparte-Allgaier

e4 d5
Qf3 Hc6
Bc4 Hf6
He2 Bc5
a3 d6
0-0 Bg4
Qd3 Hh5
h3 Bxe2
Qxe2 Hf4
Qe1 Hd4
Bb3 Hx43+
Kh2 (12. gxf3 Hf3+ would lead to lost of Queen) 12.
g3 Hf3+
Kg2 Hxe1+ Napoleon played till 24th move when got mat.

For purposes of genealogy had Napoleon except
mentioned lovers, also other women as many people who
look for true love and cannot find having many
attemtptions. For example he asked for hand of
Louise-Marie-Adelaide de Saint-Germain, daughter
of Louis XV. and Madamme de Saint-Germain. Before it
Caroline du Colombier in Basseaux, where he was
invited by her mother Madamme du Colombier.
Modemoiselle de Saint-Germain later married count de
Montivalet, later made by emperor ministre of inferor
affairs. And later also Madamme de Mathis.
I read mention that before death he had on lips name of
Josephine, his first wife as should be as saved person
believing in first marriage and repented probably on the
end of life as king David, who had harem, but concerning
apocryphas is saved, being prophet during life and
having many women.
22.11.1987 he meets harlot in alley Palais-Royal,
later in room 9, hotel Cherbourg.
Napoleon had fiancé from Marseill Désirée Clary,
first wife Josephina de Beauharnais, who had no
children and therefore he dennied her, then second
wife Marie Louise of Habsbourg with who he had the
child,“wife from Poland“ Mária Walewská having son
Alexandre Florian Joseph Colonna, later count
Walewski, minister of foreign affairs of second
empire, but without marriage as Napoleon wanted woman
from house of Habsbour or Romanov. Napoleon III.,
nephew of great emperor, if really was his nephew, was
not willing to support illegitimite son. Count
Walewski finished among little court nobles and died
1868. 1. 4. 1810 was civil marriage in Saint-Cloud,
other day in Louvre religious wedding, not Notre-Dame,
because did not want to go through whole Paris.
Empress, ruler of Tuilleria, Saint-Cloud and
Fontainbleau became again Austrian, daughter of
emperor Franz I.. 15 years ago was executed Maria
Antoinetta, her aunt.
Toulon, Montenotte, Lodi, Rivoli, Marengo, Jena were
battles which made his name famous. Imprisoned on
Elba, imprisoned on Saint Helena died 5. 5. 1821 in
age of 52 on cancer of stomach after short illness.
His son was named Orlik, duke of Zákupský, what is of
Czech or Slovak origin, better Czech. He fought after
imprisonment with court of Louise XVIII. sucessfuly
and gained power over France. He was man who was
graceful in judgements and seriously knew to forgive
also to those who tried to make atentant in case they
would repent. He learned many things and became heroe
who was able sustain pressure of crowds, milions of
people, splendor and war and dangerous times of France
in time of fights for monarchy and republic having
surely support of God being without run of machine of
empire, was able to build it in dangerous times having
support and trust of people what was showed after his
imprisonment on Elba and his arrival to Paris and
victory over Louise XVIII., who was also admirable.

C h i c k e n M a r e n g o

When Napoleon was fight for battle of Marengo his cook
had to prepare him food and used all what he had:

Food is made in three phasis using same oil and butter
from baking of chilcken breasts and then baked

1. We bake chicken breasts on olive oil and butter and
put out on plate, we divide oil and butter from it on
two parts,
2. to one part of oil and butter from previous step
we give onion cut on belts to foam and
3. to other part of oil and butter from first step
given in other pot we give flour, black spice, white
dry wine, field agarics, boiling, 1-2 spoons of
tomatoe pressure, peeled tomatoes, bay leaf, thyme,
salt, pressured garlic, and we cook it, after cooking
we add cognac and then give to chicken and onion which
are already on the plate. Then we give it to bake.
Some cook books give instead of cognac madeira and onion does not give. Battle Marengo was 14. 6.1800 at 2 o clock. And some of them do not bake it, but cook it and in one, that chicken bake on oil, add salt, pepr, spice, mashrooms, in other pan on oil, flour, circa 1 glass of madeira and one glass of white wine, then slowly into it oil we used on baking of chicken. Little cook and then eat.

Bon appétit!

Napoleon loved to eat flour foods, potatoes, beans and lentils and mainly pastas made on Italian way. His cook was Marc Antoine Careme, studied at famous baker from Paris Bailly. Careme was born in Paris 8. 6.1784, he also studied from his master fine art and used it in decoration of foods for Napoleon as best cook of his times, making quarts of Paris, countries of middle France or memories by his own phantasy from fruit, creams, flour...He was founder of type of French school in cooking. He had to bring new wearing to Napoleon after food. He wrote book Art of French kitchen 19th century is not finished as he died 12.1.1833, his pupils wanted to gain to probably each court or great house to lead others. Time of cooking during Napoleon was 10 later 15 minutes, he ate also by fingers and without instruments. He does not love young bean as compare it to hairs.

by Ruperta Jour alias Eva Bartosova
Jan 03, 2007 · Reply
I research if exist genealogy Chour/Jour - Bonaparte /or Zach/Cach - Bonaparte/ basing on tradition of story in family which is not verfied, but in form of joke and other proofs.
More about relatives of Chour, Zach, see other surnames.
Other lists of surnames with stories and genealogies is on surname Bartos on [external link]
Dec 20, 2006 · Reply

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