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Looking for Amanda J. Bright b Oct. 26 1852 was? She married Franklin Oliver Maurer born Jan. 18, 1846. In 1919 they lived at 1118 Cotton Street in Reading, Pennsylvania. They had 11 children.
Looking under Franklin O. Maurer when he got out of the service he married Amanda J. Bright, August 6, 1870. She was the daughter of Wile and Margaret (Goodhart) of Reading. They have these children: Wellington Wile deceased, Milton B.; Edna M, Laura R; Paul B., Franklin B., Mary A died in infancy; and Harold B., Clare B., Edith M. and Walter are all four deceased.
I have found from Ancestry.Com that Margaret who married Wile or Weil Brecht/Bright on 9-25-1831 in Reading, Pa.?
Which came from the First Reformed church book in Reading, Pa.
Believe her parents are George Goodhart and Polly Strohecker who married 8-11-1811 in Reading, Pa. There was another possibility of the spelling to be Guthart/Goodhart
Dec 02, 2007 · Reply