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Updated Mar 16, 2021


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The average age of a Bruner family member is 71.9 years old according to our database of 6,050 people with the last name Bruner that have a birth and death date listed.


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William Bruner commented on Feb 01, 2008
In the courthouse in London,Laurel Co. the marriage certificate of my Great grandparents John and Rachel Bruner.The location of the wedding cerimony is rather puzzling but this story told to me many years ago by my Great Aunt Molly Sides (their daughter)may help to clear that up.John Reuben Bruner the son of William Watts Bruner and Hannah Seaborn,Bruner.desired to marry a young lady named Rachel Adaline Green.Her parents William M. Green and "Betty"Elizabeth Caudill,Green were not in favor.A plan was therefore decided upon and acction was taken.On the day of their wedding there was an activity going on at the Rockcastle schoolhouse and the Greens attended.During the activity John came to the schoolhouse with horses and gave signal for Rachel and her friends Lidge Nicholson and Sarah craft to come outside.The girls appearing to only be leaving only momentarily left with John.At a predetermined location a cousin of John's, a Baptist preacher named William H. Bruner was to meet them.On the way who should meet them but Rachel's brother George Green who asked where they were going.They told him it was none of his business and went on.The rest of the story is on the marriage certificate.Dec.4,1891 "At the top of stony point in the county road" From William W. Bruner [contact link]
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