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Krissy Byrd
9 favorites
anyone related to wymon r byrd or francis Laverne Mitchell byrd?
Sep 17, 2014 · Reply
Katherine Smith
11 favorites
Jane Byrd Claypool was married to James Claypool he was born in Feb. 15,1701 at New Castle , Delaware . They are in my direct Claypool line.
Mar 25, 2012 · Reply
Betty Byrd
110 favorites
3 pkgs of cream drops
1 jar of peanut butter (cruchy or plain it is up to you )
in a microwave bowl place your cream drops
in it and place in the microwave and heat for 3 minutes
then take out and add peanut butter and pour into a
butter dish and let it get hard.
I don't know if you can get cream drops all yr or not but we do
this at Christmas time.
Feb 02, 2010 · Reply
Betty Byrd
110 favorites
1 pkg of Oreo's
1 pkg of cream cheese
1 stick of butter
2 boxes of Jell o instant pudding and if you
have sugar problems use sugar free instant pudding.
3 cups of milk

let your cream cheese and butter soften then mix well in a separte
in another bowl add pudding mix and milk and whisk till thick
then add cream chesse and butter and mix real good.
then take your cookies and put them in a baggie and wrap them in a hand
towel and crush them till they are crushed real good then
add them on top of your pudding mix and refrig
Feb 02, 2010 · Reply
Betty Byrd
110 favorites
2 cups of self rising flour
2 cups of sugar
1 tbps of cinnoman
1 tbps of nutmeg
1 tbps of cloves
add 3 eggs,

while you are doing this take 1 box of raisin's and and 1 cup of butter
and enough water to cover the raisin's and then bring to a boil then
pour over the cake mixture and mix together and bake at 350 degree's
for 35 to 45 minutes in a greased 9x13 pan.
Mar 17, 2007 · Reply
Betty Byrd
110 favorites
2 cans' of cream of chicken soup
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
2 cans of nacho/or plain cheese soup
1 can of Ro tel original or hot
1 bag of Mexican shredded cheese
1 big bag of Tostillo or Nacho dorito's
1 can of boneless chicken or 1 bag of Chicken of the sea chicken

take all the soups and the ro tel and mix together and heat to a boil.
then brown your chicken alittle and and add to the soup mixture.
After you have done that crush the Chips in the bag and place a layer
of the chips in the bottom of a big cake pan, then add the soup mixture
then add a layer of the shredded chesse keep doing this till you come
to the last layer of cheese and put in 350 degree oven till the cheese
is bubbling or light brown.
You can also save alot of time and pour all the chips in the bottom
of the pan and then add all the soup mixture and then mix together
and then add the shredded chesse. I do the later to save time.
Mar 17, 2007 · Reply

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