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This may help fill in some gaps..not complete but best i can remember

George Caudill ran a general store in eastern ky, I believe around oldtown, palmyra, argilite area... died in southeastern ohio around 1959-60 or so...

sons.. William Caudill, Hobert Caudill, Roscoe Caudill... not sure about daughters...

Hobert married Grace Oliver, had 4 children...Paul Edward Caudill, Charles Raymond Caudill, Wanda Lee (Harris) husband James,..Juanita (Stewart)
"Grace worked at Georges store, that is where they met")
Grace had at least 1 brother and Sister...Sister Lona (Adkins) and Brother Jim Oliver..never married, was somewhat famous (infamous for "Oliver Shine, and for training and selling hunting dogs)

Hobert adopted his grandson Paul Dean Caudill somewhere around 1966/67 (Father was Paul Edward and mother was Lula Elizabeth Venable from Oklahoma city...Mother left in 1955 and not heard from again)

William Caudill had 16 children, 12 boys and 4 girls..(I believe this count is correct but not 100% sure)Many of his children live(d) in the Greenup / Boyd / Carter Co. Ky areas.

No details about Roscoe

Hope this may help...

Caudill Family Cemetary at "Oldfields", Sand Gap..Hunnewell Ky at the end of Sandsuck Road..Greenup County off old rt 207 near Greenbo Lake State Park

Nov 10, 2009 · Reply