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Updated Oct 21, 2021


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Cynthia Sparks commented on Aug 17, 2005
BIOGRAPHY: Walter Grier Cool Walter Cool, patriarch of the Cool family in Webster County, was born in Franklin County, VA on 04-Nov-1802. The identity of his parents remain unproven, although there is documentation that indicates Mary Cool Hosey, daughter of Conrad Kuhl (born in Germany) is Walter's mother. In 1825 he came to the Right Fork of Holly River, bought extensive tracts of land on both sides of the river, and became a gentleman farmer in the best tradition of the Appalachian frontier. On 01-Sep-1825, he married Hannah Clifton, daughter of Holly River pioneer John Clifton. They settled on a farm about three miles northwest of present day Diana. Today, the homestead remains in the hands of Cool family members. ----- As the wealthiest citizen on Holly River, Walter Cool was involved in the political effort to establish Webster County between 1852 and 1860. When the Virginia Assembly approved the Webster petition in Jan-1860, Walter immediately became a candidate for high office. In May-1860 he was elected as the first sheriff of Webster County. When the AmCivWar began a year later, Walter cast his lot with old Virginia and opposed breakup of the state. ----- On 20-May-1862, Walter was arrested in Webster County by a Union patrol lead by Capt. Moses Hall and charged with being a Confederate partisan. The military trial of Walter Cool was held in Clarksburg and ended with a sentence of "death by hanging". Shortly following his trial, Walter wrote letters from his jail cell to his family. He was moved to a P.O.W. camp -- Camp Chase (Columbus), Ohio. Walter was part of a prisoner exchange in Vicksburg, Mississippi; Dec-1862. He died somewhere reportedly around Wytheville, VA while trying to return home to his family and farm. His final resting place remains unknown. ----- In 1999, Walter Cool was recognized by the United Daughters of the Confederacy for his service as a southern partisan. Walter Cool's military record has now been approved, and descendants may now join the UDC (United Daughters of the Confederacy) or the SCV (Sons of Confederate Veterans) once personal lineage is documented and approved. ==================== 1 # Change Date: 16 May 2005 at 23:56:06 Mother: Mary (Cool) Hosey Suggested Next Step: Search OneWorldTree for: Cool, Walter Grier Included with this search: * View multiple generations * Change tree views to get the look you want * View supporting source, i.e., census images * View alternate information * Anonymously contact submitters of tree data Marriage 1 Hannah Clifton b: 1798 in Pendleton Co., (West) Virginia * Married: 1 Sep 1825 in Nicholas Co., (West) Virginia 2 Children 1. Has Children John C. Cool b: 1826 in Nicholas Co., (West) Virginia 2. Has No Children Elizabeth M. Cool b: 1828 in Nicholas Co., (West) Virginia 3. Has No Children Catherine Cool b: 6 Jul 1830 in Nicholas Co., (West) Virginia 4. Has No Children Miriam Cool b: 1832 in Nicholas Co., (West) Virginia 5. Has Children Cornelius Grover Cool b: 1833 in Nicholas Co., (West) Virginia 6. Has No Children Jesse B. Cool b: 4 Nov 1835 in Nicholas Co., (West) Virginia 7. Has Children Sarah Jane Cool b: 20 Jul 1837 in Braxton Co., (West) Virginia 8. Has No Children Archibald A. Cool b: 14 Mar 1839 in Braxton Co., (West) Virginia
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