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Andrea Acuff
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My grandfather's name was Anthony John De Santis, went by Tony. He was born about 1908 in Italy. His father's name was Louis and mother's was Luica or Lucia. It looks like she changed her name to Louise possibly. She died I believe in 1926. It appears Louis may have remarried after her death. Tony lived in Kentucky for some time and married my grandmother October 26, 1938. Her name was Viela Marie Young. Sometime after my dad's birth in 1940 Tony left, they I guess divorced, but my father never knew his father. They were definitely married, I have obtained a marriage certificate. Can't find a divorce record yet, but still searching. It was rumored he went onto Ohio and became a greyhound bus driver. The marriage certficate shows a Nickolas DeSantis and Madge Greco being witnesses to the marriage. My father's mother ended up dying in 1950 and I don't know if Tony was ever notified to this, if he was he didn't come back for my father and my father was left to be raised by several different family members before finally being taken in permanently with distant cousins that were much older than he. It's a long story and a big mystery, I have recently found out that his mother remarried a man and my father never knew that even though he was ten at the time of her death. He said the man never lived with them. His name was Jack Flynn. I would love to know the story behind both Tony (especially Tony) and this Jack Flynn. But, I am more interested in finding information and would love a picture of my grandfather. If any of these names ring any bells with anyone, please don't hesitate to email me. [contact link]. Thanks a bunch.
Jul 01, 2006 · Reply

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