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Patricia Fortier commented on Apr 29, 2007
George washington Dees was the eldest son of James and Cynthia Dees, born Oct. 5 1843, in Wayne County, MO. In 1863 he enlisted in the Union Army at Williamsville, MO, and was stationed around Rolla, MO. He was a private in Company E, Regiment 13 of the Union Cavalry. He was responsible for hauling soldiers and ammunition along the Rolla Road(now hwy. 63.). George received an honorable discharge on June 2, 1866, at Houston, MO. He re-enlisted for three more years and was sent to the Colorado line for Indian guard duty. While on one of the routine maneuvers George had to ride all day. When the company stopped for the night, George was unable to get off his horse as his legs were to cold and numb. He had to be lifted off by fellow soldiers. Having no shelter, the soldiers had to sleep under corn shocks gathered from a nearby field. George was laid on the ground and covered with the corn shocks. It snowed that night and his lower legs and feet, having become uncovered, suffered severs frostbite. George was taken to a hospital in Kansas where his legs were amputated below the knees. He received a medical discharge and returned to his home in Houston, MO. George received a disability pension of $350.00 every three months. His daughter Parylee told of going with her father and brothers, John and William, to Cedar Grove, MO, to receive his pension. They traveled by horse and wagon, camping out overnight. The countryside was inhabitited by bears, so she said they were always glad to get home safe.
George's first wife, Sarah Louise (born July 16, 1844 in Tennessee)was the daughter of Jacob and Mary A. Johnson. George met Sarah in Cabool, MO. They were married May 25, 1864. They raised their family in the Protestant faith and their children remembered how the family always read the Bible and sang hymns before bedtime.
Their children: Laura B. John Newton, Parylee, Willaim, Francis L. and Burl R.
George's second wife, Francis (Jolly) Hoover, were married March 5, 18??. Children: George Albert and Rebecca Florence Elizabeth.
Sarah died March 5, 1901, George March 11, 1908 and Frances December 22, 1937. All are buried in Ozark Cemetary near Houston, MO.
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