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Updated Feb 09, 2021


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I wanted to know more about my mother's side of the family. So, I went to the library to see how to begin looking up geneology. It was so easy, I wish I had started sooner.

My mother, Mildred Lee Earp King, was born in 1921, August 20. She was the oldest child of Dexter and Carrie Mae Helms Earp. She learned how to help with household chores, take care of newborn babies when her parents brought another one home. There were many siblings...Shirley Jane Earp who married R D Helms. Jeanette Twelvetree Earp who married Jackson Wayne Rushing. Willie Mae Earp who married Bert Herr. Dorothy Earp who married Wayne Williams, Harold Earp who married Dorothy Helms. Cecil Earp who married Margaret.Ruth Earp who married Carrol Little, divorced after 3 children. Then Ruth had 3 more children. Brenda Earp who married and had 3 boys, divorced. Margaret Earp who married Don Hewitt, had 3 children, then Don died. She married Dean...who died. One brother, Earl Earp, died at an early age.

Mildred's grandfather was Harrison Earp.

Dexter, John, Mae, were siblings. Lived in and near Mecklenburg County, NC.

Mildred's mother was Carrie Mae Helms EArp. Carrie's parents were Joseph and Nancy Helms. Carrie's siblings were Edmond, Curtis, Cora,and others.
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