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Updated Oct 17, 2021


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The average age of a Embry family member is 69.9 years old according to our database of 2,852 people with the last name Embry that have a birth and death date listed.


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Jay White commented
INFORMATION ABOUT ROBERT EMBRY Earnest, Woodard, SR., Ohio County Messager Newspaper, "Woodard Writes About the Embrys", ____________. The search for the beginning of the Embry family starts in England with one person and begins in America with one person: Henry Embry! Mr. Earnest Woodard, Sr. writes about the importance of Henry Embry to the Embry family. "The founder of the Embry family in America is Henry Embry, who came from England to Virginia in 1635." The family name changed as White posits, "In the pressure of clearing a wilderness and fighting Indians our pioneer fathers paid little attention to spelling correctly. So the family name was spelled thru the centuries as Embry; Embrey; Emery; and Embree)." The Embry family was a pioneer family that was mobile - they moved from Virginia to Kentucky. Mr. Woodard relates that "The Embry family eventually settled in three major counties in the Kentucky counties of Ohio, Butler and Grayson counties." The Embry's were leaders not only in England but on the American frontier - working to make lives better for everyone! Mr. Woodward notes that "The leader of the Embry family in Ohio County was Reverend Isaac Embry, a Baptist preacher, who settled on Sixes Creek, about 2 miles northest of Baizetown. He was the great-grandfather of the present owner of the Embry Newspapers published in Ohio and Grayson counties." From the data presented by Mr. Woodward we know that Reverend Issac Embry was a man of faith. Mr. Woodard notes that, "The Reverend Issac Embry organized or helped to organize, Missionary Baptist Churches in Butler and Ohio Counties, including the New Zion Baptist Church in Baizetown." Mr. Issac Embry had the gift of longevity and was "blessed" with a large family. Records indicate that "The pioneer Baptist preacher was born in 1798 and lived to be 85 years old, and died in 1883. He was the father of 13 children, and his decendents are numerous around Baizetown, Cromwell, and Beaver Dam." "I must say in fairness to the Embry family that it was only because of my insistance that I was furnished the above data about them; but a history of Ohio County families, without a history of the Embry family, would be like the story of Shakespear's Hamlet, with Hamlet left out of it." (Note: The date of this newspaper source could not be verified, possible circa, 1970s.)
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