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Fairchild Last Name History & Origin

Updated Sep 13, 2017


This is a popular English surname. It was also one of the very first of all known surnames to be created, and recordings are known to exist which show that the name was in use at least one thousand years ago. It derives from the pre 7th century Olde English phrase 'faere-cild' and does actually mean what it says, a beautiful child. It was originally a baptismal name for a baby, and since all babies are beautiful to somebody, many children were so named. Like all such endearment names which include as examples Dear, Darling, and Wellbeloved, in time it became both a first name and a surname. As a first name it continued in popularity right into the 18th century and was particularly used by the Puritans and more extreme protestants along with such names as Charity and Prudence. The very first of all surname recordings is believed to be that of Lefui Faeger Cild in the register of the abbey of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk in the year 1050 or thereabouts. A more conventional recording but still at the very beginings of hereditary surnames, is that of Robert Fairchild, in the tax rolls known as 'The fees,' for the county of Surrey in the year 1251.

Name Origin

Olde English phrase 'faere-cild' and does actually mean what it says, a beautiful child.

Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity


Famous People named Fairchild

Fairchild family, descendants of Thomas Fairchild (1610–1670), son of William Fairchild (b.1577 in Essex England)
Barbara Fairchild, American country and gospel singer/songwriter from Knobel, Arkansas
Benjamin L. Fairchild (1863–1946), five-time New York State Republican Congressman
Caitlin Fairchild, fictional Gen 13 comic book heroine
Cassius Fairchild (1829–1868), Wisconsin Democrat Party Leader and Union Army Colonel, U.S. Civil War
Charles Stebbins Fairchild (1842–1924), New York State Attorney General, 38th United States Secretary of Treasury
David Grandison Fairchild (1869–1954), pioneering industrial botanist, plant explorer, son-in-law of Alexander Graham Bell
David Fairchild (California politician) (1791-1866)
Edward Henry Fairchild (1815–1889), abolishionist educator, first President of Berea College, the first fully integrated southern university
Edward Thomas Fairchild (1872–1965), jurist, Wisconsin Supreme Court
Edward Thomson Fairchild (1854–1917), New Hampshire College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts (U. of New Hampshire) President
Frank Fairchild Wesbrook (1868–1918), First University of British Columbia President.
Fred Rogers Fairchild (1877–1966), educator/economist, holder of Seymour Knox Chair Professor of Mathematical Institutional Economics (Emeritus) Yale University
George Thompson Fairchild (1838–1901), college educator, President of Michigan State University and Kansas State University
George Winthrop Fairchild (1854–1924), New York State Senator, Republican National Convention delegate, and co-founder of IBM
Alexander Graham Bell Fairchild (1906–1994), Harvard educated entomologist, and grandson of Alexander Graham Bell
Henry Pratt Fairchild (1880–1956), American sociologist, co-founder of Planned Parenthood
Herman LeRoy Fairchild (1850–1943), American geologist and college educator, early proponent of theorizing meteorite impact
Hiram Orlando Fairchild (1845–1925), Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly
Jim Fairchild American singer/songwriter guitarist, Band member of Modest Mouse
Jairus Cassius Fairchild (1801–1862), first Wisconsin State Treasurer, and first mayor of Madison, Wisconsin
John Russell Fairchild, Professional basketball player, drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers.
Karen Fairchild, singer in American Country band, Little Big Town.
LeRoy Fairchild, founded the Masonic order, the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm in 1889
Lucius Fairchild (1831–1896), Civil War Brigadier General, three-term Governor of Wisconsin, U.S. Minister to Spain, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic.
Lydia Fairchild, one of only 30 known worldwide cases of chimerism
Megan Fairchild, principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, from Salt Lake City, Utah
Morgan Fairchild, American actress from Dallas, Texas
Muir Stephen Fairchild (1894–1950), Four-star General, Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force
Robert Fairchild, principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, soloist from Salt Lake City, Utah
Sherman Mills Fairchild (1896–1971), industrialist inventor, founder of Fairchild Aviation, Fairchild-Strato, Fairchild-Hiller, Fairchild Recording, and Fairchild Camera and Instrument
Thomas Edward Fairchild (1912–2007), Wisconsin Attorney General, appointed to Wisconsin Supreme Court and U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals after losing the 1952 Wisconsin Senate race to Joseph McCarthy from "McCarthy-ism" fame.

Early Fairchilds

These are the earliest records we have of the Fairchild family.

1644 - Jul 16, 1676
1691 - Apr 6, 1777
1715 - 1771
1720 - Jun 5, 1790
1728 - August 1778
1732 - Jan 12, 1795
1732 - 1733
1736 - Mar 18, 1750
1739 - 1740

Fairchild Family Members

Fairchild Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Fairchild Biographies

Oct 15, 1856 - Unknown
January 1873 - 1874
Jan 9, 1840 - Jan 14, 1915
Oct 16, 1951 - Jul 23, 2006
Apr 12, 1897 - October 1974
Feb 4, 1943 - Nov 22, 2005
Mar 5, 1884 - July 1974
Dec 24, 1884 - January 1963
Feb 15, 1921 - Mar 22, 2008
Jun 23, 1942 - Oct 3, 2008
Jun 18, 1919 - September 1987
Dec 12, 1924 - Jul 22, 2007
Jun 2, 1924 - Mar 20, 2002
Jul 12, 1921 - June 1976
May 5, 1888 - May 1977
Nov 26, 1906 - Jun 25, 1998
c. 1952 - Unknown
c. 1973 - Unknown
Unknown - Dec 31, 1969
c. 1921 - Unknown

Fairchild Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Fairchild family member is 65.5 years old according to our database of 6,564 people with the last name Fairchild that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

65.5 years

Oldest Fairchilds

These are the longest-lived members of the Fairchild family on AncientFaces.

Sep 18, 1886 - Oct 20, 1992
106 years
Feb 12, 1899 - May 25, 2003
104 years
Feb 15, 1893 - May 26, 1997
104 years
May 3, 1905 - Jun 21, 2008
103 years
Oct 20, 1880 - January 1984
103 years
Apr 16, 1889 - Feb 14, 1993
103 years
Jun 29, 1908 - Jan 15, 2011
102 years
Feb 15, 1888 - Nov 11, 1990
102 years
Jul 1, 1886 - March 1989
102 years
Jul 20, 1893 - May 30, 1995
101 years

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Vicki Johnston
11 favorites
A short obituary in the Nov.1922 issue of the Sante Fe Magazine reads as follows:
The tragic death of Claud Franklin Fairchild one morning while on duty on Sept. 29, 1922. It is assumed he slipped and fell under the wheels of a train severing both legs. He was taken to German Deacons Hospital. He peacefully passed away the following evening. Mr. Fairchild entered the service of the Sante Fe on July 25, 1913. He was a member of the Masonic Order, the Elks, Order of the Railroad Conductors, and a social member of the B.R.T. Burial will be at Paw Paw, Michigan. Albert "Budgie" Howatt heard the cry of distress and was the first there to help with vauable first aid.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
My Father Archie Fairchild was the son of John Henry & Vina (Horner) Fairchild. He was one of 9 child. I believe he was the 7th born. He was born in Kentucky & Died in California a year ago March, in 2005. I have family still in Kentucky & Ohio area that I have met. My Aunt Virginia always would tell me about a cousin I have Named Karen, (who I never met) that could be my twin. Every time I saw my Aunt she would show me pictures of her. I imagine she would tell Karen the same thing about me & show her pictures of me (if she had any) I heard so much about this cousin of mine. I am submitting this story in hopes that maybe she might visit this site & read this story, & maybe I would have a chance to actually meet her.
thanks for submitting my story, I will definitely visit this site again, & leave other stories about my family the Fairchilds. thank you --Roxane
Mar 23, 2006 · Reply
Hi again, This is my second time here on this site, so I thought I would leave a few words & thoughts. My Father Archie Fairchild was born in Kentucky, his mother is Vina Horner Fairchild, & his Father is John Henry Fairchild. I never met his dad, & I only met his mother once. When my father was about 16 he dropped out of school to go to work to support the family after his father left his mother. He was the oldest at home, he had a younger brother & sister, & also a baby newphew along with his mother. He got a job in a machine shop. Thats how my dad got his trade as a machinest. The person who hired him got tired of being bugged about a job, so he hired my dad. During the war my father was a photographer, he was aboard the Queen Mary at one point. After the war my Father met my mom Joyce Volz, she had an art studio below my dad's photography studio. They were married until death. I miss them so greatly.
I have been researching the Fairchilds for some time & I can never find any info. on John Henry Fairchild or Vina Horner. Maybe one day someone will read this boring story I told & have something about either of them, they could share with me. That would great....
Apr 02, 2006 · Reply

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