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Name Origin

"The Gailliard family is of nobility old and chivalrous, is originating from Normand Gaillard, as related by Cornelio Gaillard:Ïn the times of Dagobert I, who recognized the bravery by Silvius de Franckenfort, as strong valiant knight hardy and gailliard was called by François Franq Gailliard.Such lineage was spread along all neighboring then cities in what are now called countries.Culminating "Those of noble the famile of Gailliards in Flandres,Lord Guillaume Gailliard,knight lord of Houchem, and Lord Jehan Gailliard,knight wire of Jehan, complete the recognied rank and noble file of the Gaillard inheritance.

Spellings & Pronunciations

Only pronounced Gaillard,as originally intended. Unavoidably, one finds phonetical, to say the least, variations, such a G'lard, Geelard, Geellard, etc., a matter of dialects or accents.

Nationality & Ethnicity

Originated in Normandy, then a region of medieval connotation, it is only fair to say it that, not to the merit of lack of it, the origin of the Gaillard name is French. -normandic-

Famous People named Gaillard

François Franq Gailliard, duke of Eastern France; lord Ollivier Gailliard knight and lord of the chasteau Gailliard in Noormandie; Ollivier Gailliard, Scavoire in Flandres, the Brabant, Arthois, and in Hainau; Flandres, notable region where is of memory of a brance of great genealogy, as it is registered in the Family History.

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