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Updated Aug 23, 2019


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Chad Garber commented
I'm starting this, just to get it out there. My sister will add in/fix the details of my grandparents story, but I would like to start this out to determine the history of Garber, before hitting the shores of America. What I can say for certain, is that my great grandfather Garber did descend from Pennsylvania Deustch. He can trace his ancestry back to Germany (as I understand it - Western German/Alsace-Lorraine [my guess - can anyone confirm?]). Anyway, my great grandfather made his way west and wound up in California where my grandfather was born, Paul Garber. My father, like myself, was also born in California. My grandfather for a while, was Catholic and is now a practicing Catholic once again. My father, for most of his life, was Agnostic, but is now Protestant. Religion is really the reason for my posting. What brought me here is that I have been living in NY and have a lot of Jewish friends who insist my name is Jewish. I don't have any problem with that, but I have always known it to be "German" before anything else. It seems from reading, that Pennsylvania Deutsch are Protestant, but Garber/Gerber [sidebar: Clearly, its easy to see how Gerber/Garber got mixed up, like Penn Deutsch/Dutch]. My question is, does anyone know how Garbers came to be in Germany before emigrating to the US? Another question, at the time the Deutsch Garbers emigrated to America, were they in fact Jewish/had they converted prior to finding themselves in Germany, did any stay? Did they change their religion for fear of persecution? From what I have loosely researched, it seems like Garbers were Russian Jews at one point, which begs my previous questions. As I understand it, here's my make up: 1/8 German (the most), 2 parts Native American (Ojibwa + Cherokee), English, Scottish, Irish and French. It would be nice to know because as soon as I get married my family is going to be so "America" it will be ridiculous. And if/when that happens, it would be nice to explain to my kids with accuracy about their genealogy. Thanks - Chad If anyone has any idea
Aug 04, 2008  ·  Reply
Laverne Garber commented
Dec 18, 2013  ·  Reply
Linda Gish commented
Do you have any information on Don's wrestling or boxing career??? I am looking for this right now. Also have information on the Carter family for grandma's family. Linda
Jan 21, 2014  ·  Reply
Linda Gish commented
Hey cousin been working on this family for many years have found some information but would like to find some older pictures. e-mail [contact link] linda
Jan 21, 2014  ·  Reply
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