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Galand Davis Gross was born 6 May 1902. He died 2 December 1939 when a tree fell on him. Garland Davis Gross was married to Anna Josephine Funk, she was born 27 September 1904. They had seven children: Carmen, Norma Lee, Marrion "Mac" married Mary lucille Curtis in 1949 and had five children, Melba, Fred Eugene (my grandfather) married Sara Jo Boone (direct descendant of Israel Boone brother of the Daniel Boone), Garland Darryl, and Francis Mae.

The children of Garland and Anna did not stay with Anna after Garland's death, they went orphanges. Anna eventually re married however the only thing that I know is that he was called Blacky or Blackie, a knick name.

I am wanting to know my family history and where they came from, Anna died 1 January 1955.
Please contact if you know who and where and pictures would be greatly welcomed.

Sara Jo
Jul 21, 2009 · Reply