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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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Benjamin Hagewood married Sarah Fender, had a child Lafayette Hagewood,his birth name is Michael Lafayette Hagewood,he was born 1838 TN. the family moved to Missouri where Michael met Sarah Catherine Proctor,daughter of Moses Proctor,unknown at this point exactly when married but they had a daughter Sarilda Clementine Hagewood,born april 22,1860 Mo.Michael was in the cival war, union. He volunteered in 1861 and was disharged 1865,Sarah died 1870 Mo. and after Michael was discharged he had put in his own words i lived two years in Stone Co,Mo.next i lived one year or more in Benton Co.Ark. next for four years in Cherokee Nation,and ever since the present residence in Choctaw Nation....wrote by Michael Hagewood in aug.11,1881
in 1875 Stonewall,Indian Territory,aka Oklahoma he married Mary Jane Wilson,she was married 2 times before,children by those 2 marriages.Michael and Mary has Joseph Marion born may 29,1877. Elijah Eli born jan 12,1889. Malinda Victorin born aug 5 1881.Parlicia Arizona born jan 8,1883.Arlina Tennessee born may 5 1885....this was written by Michael himself.1862 he had gotten the mumps and the measles both together,to which had caused him severe health problems in his testicles and his veins in leg in the 1885's time,1890's time they moved to Pittsburg Co.Indian Territory,aka Oklahoma the militery stamped his pension death feb 2 1900.but when his wife Mary applied she had said he died march 5 1900
1893 time Pittsburg Co,Indian Territory,aka Oklahoma Michael and Mary owned a Black Smith Shop it was located 20 steps from there home,where they resided and they used Krebs,Indian Territory aka Oklahoma as there p o sometimes Mcalester Ok.In 1918 Mary J Hagewood died,she is burried in Mcnalley Cemetery,the Mcnalley family donated the cemetery property.some one put Mary J Hagewoods last name as Hagood,beside he burrial could be Michael, cannot read anything on the stone,but next to her is her child John Herron,from her first marriage.
Mary Jane Wilson married Gabriel Herron, first marriage about 1860 ??still uncertain when.they had 3 children,Sarah born abt.1862,Jackson born abt.1864,John born abt.1865
her second marriage 1869 Pickens Co.Indian Territory Chickasaw Nation to Leroy Tiner,had 2 children,Newton born 1869,Caroline born 1872 both born in Blue Co.Buffalo Head Choctaw Nation.
all 3 of the Herron children were born in Choctaw Nation,but uncertain if Buffalo Head as well at this point unknown.
Hagewood children all born in Choctaw Nation,Stringtown Atoka Co.Indian Territory,aka Oklahoma.
I myself came from Joseph Marion Hagewood line he is my GGreat Grandfather,died in 1951 Creigh, in his home and burried in Cypert Cem.Arkansas.he was married 2 times first was married to Tori Headrick,1900 lived in Cherokee Nation,I believe they divorced cause 1905 Joseph remarried to Sarah Francis Nelson,had 4 children Frona,Rosie,Lloyd,May......May died as a baby. Frona is my Grandmother she was born 1906 pittsburg Co.Oklahoma she died 1940 Buckeye,Arizona .her first marriage 1925 was to A.L. Stamper devorced in 1929,had one child from this marriage Sybil Faye Stamper born 1926 Oklahoma,in 1936 Frona remarried to a Ed Summers and had 3 children Hazel,Nancy,Eddie jr. after Frona died 1940 Joseph and Sarah rode down and picked the 2 girls that were there and took them back to Oklahoma,and kept them till Ed Summers came back and got the girls in the mid 1940's time. Nancy is my mom.
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