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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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Bonnie Headley commented on Oct 15, 2008
I would very much like to find out information on my g. grandfather Henry H. Halcomb. His wife, my g. grandmother Martha Medlin Gayhart Halcomb, I have been able to get photos of her from the Gayharts. I have shared them with my family. I have one picture of Henry and I wonder what his family story and backround is all about. Martha and Henry was married in Floyd co. Kentucky in 1892. Their children were my grandmother Elizabeth and William. That is ALL I know about Henry. He might have died between 1895-1900. Can anyone help me find his family? Thanks. P.S. I almost forgot the most important reason I want to find Henry. Henry is the only granparent that I can research in the USA and especially the South and the Civil War.
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