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The beginning of this Hartis line in America was Lewis Hartis.

He was a Hessian soldier who fought for the British in the Revolutionary War under his German name Ludwig Hirdes (also Herdes). According to Hessiche Truppen in Amerika, Ludwig was conscripted and made a private in 1775 and a corporal in 1776, and served in several locations including New York and Charleston, SC beginning in 1776. He deserted the Hessians in Charleston apparently in 1782 and made his way eventually to Mecklenburg County, NC.

According to Mecklenburg County historical records, Lewis received a land grant near Mint Hill, NC from North Carolina.

Governor Caswell on August 17, 1787. Lewis was said to be a blacksmith and bell maker by trade. His wife's name was Anna Elizabeth. They are listed among the members of Morning Star Lutheran Church in Matthews, NC where Lewis was a Deacon. He is shown in the 1790 Mecklenburg County census. There were ten known children.

Lewis was born in Breuna, Hesse, a small town now in Germany in 1750. A chart showing seven prior generations of German ancestors may be found in the 2014 book A HESSIAN SOLDIER WHO SETTLED IN AMERICA by Tim Hartis.

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