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Dorothy Jervis commented on May 22, 2009
The story I have to tell is one of missing pieces and family secrets. My paternal grandmother, Ellizabeth Mc or Mac Donald, married William Hollen somewhere around the early 1890's. They had three children: Elsie, Edwin and William. Willliam Sr. was a railroad worker who mysteriously disappeared when his children were grown or at least teenagers, and Elizabeth ("Lizzie?") worked in a hat factory. They lived on Dewey Street in Newark, New Jersey.

My sister and I always wondered what happened to our grandfather, a person we had never met. As far as we knew and were told, that side of our family was Irish and Catholic through and through, although there is some good evidence that "Hollen" is an English name. The subject was not open for discussion, so we assumed that something shameful had occurred.

I do have some memory of visiting a cousin in Miami, but I don't know anything about my great aunts or great uncles, or even if they actually existed. If anyone reads and can shed some light on the mystery, please do so! As far as I know, I'm the oldest living member of the family, so there's no one to ask! Thank you.
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