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Jhamat Last Name History & Origin

Updated Jul 31, 2020


Jhammat who are found throughout on the edges of Thal, with large concentrations in Bhakkar, Sargodha and Khushab districts. They are in essence Jhammat a tribe of the Bar, living a nomadic existence. Scattered settlements of the Jhammat are now found in an area extending from Jhelum District in the north to Bahawalpur District. Like their neighbours the Mekan, the Jhammat are by origin Panwar Rajputs, with their ancestor Jhammat having left Malwa in what is now Madhya Pradesh in India sometimes in the early 12th Century, arriving in the Punjab, and like their neighbours the Mekan, having converted to Islam at hands of the famous Sufi Baba Farid.

There settlements are now found mainly along the valley of the Jhelum River, with the bulk of the Jhammats found in Chakwal, Jhelum, Sargodha, Khushab and Bhakker districts.


Bhakkar District

1) Cheena,

2) Jhammat

3) Nabuwala

4) Wadhaywala

5) Waheer

Chakwal District

1) Alawal

2) Sidher

Jhelum District

1) Chak Jalo

2) Chak Mujahid

3) Dewanpur

4) Khai Kotli,

5) Nakodar,

6) Sahow Chak,

7) Peraghaib

8) Pinnanwal

Sargodha District

1) Bunga Jhammat,

2) Bunga Jhammatawala

4)Jhammat Ranjhewala,

5) Jhammat

6) Shaikhwal

7) Verowal

8) Mangowal Kalan


10)Noon kalu
Other Districts

Other Jhammat villages include Jhammat in Attock District, Jhammat Teli in Rawalpindi District, Jhammatabad and Jhammat Nauabad in Gujrat District, Chak 232 JB in Jhang District and Jhatwan in Sheikhupura.

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Spellings & Pronunciations

Jhamat and jhammat

Nationality & Ethnicity

Dhoria kharian pakistan

Famous People named Jhamat

Zahid afzal jhamat leader of jhamat family
Rana Tehzeeb Ichhar (Advocate)

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Apr 20, 1973 - Sep 20, 2005

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