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Updated Mar 15, 2023


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Eleen Robinson commented on Jan 06, 2007
re: William Robert (Bob) LAND

William Robert (Bob) was quite a character. He was a "hack" driver in Dallas, Texas in the late 1800s. His name was in the paper a few times: twice for assauting other "hack" drivers; his views on changing guidelines for changing "hack" driving guidelines; helping a woman who was burned in a fire by wrapping her in a blanket.

William was born in Alabama in 1861. He married Julia Blanche Powers in Dallas, Texas. They had one son, John Barto Land. By 1900 the family had moved to Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas where they seem to have a boarding house.

I've searched and searched for William Robert's parents. I haven't been able to find him as a child. I'm hoping someone out there will recognize these names.

Eleen Robinson
[contact link]
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