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Updated Aug 10, 2022


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Brian Hass commented on Jul 29, 2004
Peter Lass was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. He grew up on a farm in Germany until the age of fifteen. In 1852, he came to America with an uncle and spent the next three years working on a farm in Clinton County, Iowa.

Peter married Regina Cooper at Sugar Creek, Iowa. The couple lived on land that they bought and owned in Jackson County, Iowa before eventually moving to Union County, Dakota Territory in 1870.

The couple were parents to twelve children. Barbara, Mary, John, Peter, Tony, and Joe were born in Iowa. Katie, Ben, Henry, Nettie, Anna, and William were born after the family moved to Dakota Territory. The Lass family was reported to have lived next to and over the hill from the McGuire family; and, the Lass and McGuire children were said to have played together. John, Peter, Katie, Henry, and Anna married five children of James and Bessie (Swift) McGuire.

Peter Lass was said to have loved raising evergreen trees and to have sold them as Christmas trees.
Brian Hass commented on Dec 09, 2004
Peter Joseph Lass was born in 1867 to Peter and Regina (Cooper) Lass at Sugar Creek, Iowa. At the age of four, he moved with his family to the Garryowen community in Union County, Dakota Territory. A few months later, his family moved to the community of Emmet, where Peter grew to adulthood.

In the spring of 1892, Peter purchased a farm located four miles south of Beresford, South Dakota. In November of 1892, he married Mary "Mamie" J. McGuire; and, the couple were parents to three children. These were Margaret, James, and Mary. Mamie died only twelve days after the birth of her last child, Mary; and, Mary was raised by Joe and Katie McGuire until Peter Lass remarried.

In 1905, Peter married his second wife, Katherine K. Kennedy. They had three more children. These were Thomas, Charlotte, and Grace.

Peter's health failed during the last decade of his life. After spending fifty-one years living on his farm, he retired and moved to Beresford, SD in the spring of 1943. He died on December 24 of that same year.
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