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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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Suzanna Ashworth
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Suzanna Ashworth commented
Fort Jones, Cal. Oct. 12th 1892

Dear Mother and all,

Dan is busy so I will write in his stead. He is getting wood now, he has been prospecting for quartz for several days, he has found a stringer that looks fine. My nephew and Dan found it together. I think Dan rather likes to mine he will be an old 49’er yet if he stops here long.

We have not heard from you for a long time, hope you are all well now. I feel ashamed to think we have not wrote sooner; but as I say Dan is busy and the baby takes all of my spare time nearly, but I will try and do better now and answer more punctual in the future. Our little darling is three months old and Dan has made a negative of him, he is so feisty it is difficult to get his picture. We will try him again when he gets a little older. He is a good little fellow but like all babies don’t like his picture made.

Dan’s father has been at his Uncle Willard’s (Dan uncle) all summer and Dan and me went over on (?) to see him and Uncle Willard but when we got there we found out that he had left for Stockton about ten days before; so in about ten days after that we started to go a gain (as uncle said that he would be back the next day or two after we were there) and we heard that neither were there as uncle had gone out to the shovel springs (that was about three weeks ago.) I don’t know whether either one are on Clamath yet or not.

My sister buried her husband the third day of October. He left her with twelve living children, the oldest are old enough to take care of the young ones that is a blessing to her. He was about 58 years old and her youngest is 3 years old. My mother and you are about the same age. My mother looks older than you, she not being so fleshey as you are.

My Dan just cut his finger and I stoped writing to make him a finger stall. My Dan is still the same dear Dan as he was when we were first married how thankful I am to say it.

We will send you one of the babys pictures as soon as we can print. It is cloudy now and the wind is blowing quite a little for here as we don’t have much wind here generally. I think we will stop here for the winter unless we change our mind.

I am going to print pictures as soon as the sun come out bright again and then will send you little Laurance Willard Carbett Learned’s picture. Dan took it out on the porch. Dan printed the tint twice (illegible words) and catch (illegible words) times we couldn’t get him ? long enough to get a focus on him.

By the way, how do you like the baby's name? Oh but he is the sweetest little darling baby ever lived my Dan and I think. (old saying) Every crow thinks their young (illegible words).
I will close for this time asking(rest of letter illegible)

Signed: Mary Learned

(the widow Thurber, Nee Moon)
Mar 09, 2010 · Reply

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